‘Aiyaary’ Movie Review: A Desperate Attempt At Manufacturing Suspense

Posted by Saksham Mishra in Culture-Vulture
February 23, 2018

2 Stars Out Of 5

When you are in a catch-22 while taking an important decision, just toss a coin. While the coin is in the air, a point comes when you realize what your heart actually wants because that is the side which you wish the coin to fall on. Taken straight from the TVF (The Viral Fever) web series Pitchers, this gig is symbolic of the entire movie.

“Aiyaary” is a typical Neeraj Pandey movie with peppy background music and a simple plot but a non-linear form of storytelling. The viewer feels as if already used ingredients have been mixed and matched to come up with a (not really) new movie. If we replace Sidharth Malhotra with Akshay Kumar, the remaining lot of actors is pretty much the same as it is in Pandey’s other movies, the highlight being Manoj Bajpai.

Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher have been cast in small roles and hence have not been able to shine in their usual manner. Tamil and Telugu movie star, Rakul Preet Singh has been cast as the female lead. Discounting some scenes in which she hams badly, she has done decently well.

All in all, the movie is worth watching if you particularly love Neeraj Pandey’s style of film making. Apart from a few powerful scenes from Manoj Bajpai, the movie falls flat. The viewer does not feel the suspense, rather too hard an attempt is made to create suspense through additional factors like background music, editing, etc.