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Posted by Ramit Sharan
February 13, 2018

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The sad part about existing as a human being among the wide spectrum of species is the constant effort to stay afloat in order to avoid dropping into the depths of loneliness and alienation. We exist in order for our genetics to unravel our want or need to be either lost in a mass of people or to deprive ourselves from human contact. Extrovert-Introvert.

We’re born to find our standing in society, our tastes and preferences, our needs and wants.  How many of us end up actually finding these? We often seek what society tells us is right or what society tells us is the best way to pass our time. Mainstream activities seep into our brain like water through the very walls surrounding us. We pay to get the seepage cleared of the walls, but what’s the price we pay for mindless, brain-numbing activities which grab hold of our habitual instinct?

Finding your true colors is possible only by wearing all the colors available. A free spirited youth wanting to spend their days surrounded by masses at the club might never realize the art of alienation and introspection in the name of not wanting to be labeled a loner. Not realizing a happy loner wins the spiritual race over a frustrated soul lost in the crowd.

That being said, being alone isn’t always easy. It can often be a ticking time bomb. A bomb with a subtle explosion, one which takes control of your mind and the pattern of  your thoughts. Those who like the life of excessive human contact are free birds themselves, only if alienation doesn’t constrain their magnificent wings and kill their will to fly.

Expectations of what our lives should pan out to be often cause distortion of our perceptions. A failure student might never realize their hidden ability to display art in their favorable form, till they break out of invisible line of restriction set by society telling them that nothing excluding studies has a future. Introspection of the talents of our self will allow us to realize the many gifts we possess.

Love your own company. You are the only one who’s gonna be there with you from start to end, the only who is going to hold your hand through the inevitable finish line. Living a life of self pity and self hatred only compromises the purpose of life. Irrespective of their being a billion people around you or none. You are always the answer to every question in your life.

It’s your own intuition that will lead you to your final self.

Do what you love, be who you are.

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