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Alt Balaji’s ‘Haq Se’ Is A Refreshing Take On Modern Day Kashmiri Women

Posted by Ojaswini Srivastava in Culture-Vulture, Media, Specials
February 10, 2018

Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji is one of the very few channels in the web space that is giving us brilliant web series one after the other. There are a number of channels online, sure, a lot of them also provide quality content. But what makes Alt Balaji stand out is that most of these channels are largely humour-based, while Alt Balaji sticks to the TV formula of creating dramatic content and yet differ from the melodrama of daily soaps. “Haq Se”, a web series based on the novel “Little Women”, which released on February 2, is one such gem. The story of a Kashmiri family, the show is about four sisters whose father is a doctor in the army. The family has gone through a lot of tragedy living together in Kashmir fighting new battles every day. But, they are a bunch of united, strong women who are ready to take on the world together, to live a life on their own terms. Here are five reasons why the show is a must-watch:

1. It is very relatable

This is precisely why I ended up binge-watching the entire show – a story of educated urban women, living in a conservative society, with a protective family, wanting to break free and live their dream. But they are held back by their own emotions, their loved ones, social pressures, and circumstances. All the characters are in some kind of emotional turmoil and yet out there to fight it all with a brave face. Each character is distinguished from the other and we can find all of them in someone around us.

2. The show breaks stereotypes 

Broadly speaking, the first thought when we think of Muslim Kashmiri women, is a set of Burkha clad, simple, homely women. The show effortlessly breaks that stereotype. The women are modern both in their outlook and thoughts, speak fluent English, use English slangs, wear ripped denim and are ready to fight their battles, even if they don’t know how – just like most young urban Indian women of today.

3. A talented cast

Every character has truthfully blended in their role, so much so that you almost forget they are playing a part. Not a single person in the cast seems out of place. The acting is largely convincing. 

4. An interesting storyline

The storyline is believable. The scenes, dialogues, reactions and circumstances do well to create an intriguing plot. It doesn’t get boring or overly dramatic at any point in all the 11 episodes.

5. Can watch it all in one go

The makers have released 11 episodes so far. About 30 minutes each, the story flows so effortlessly, that you won’t even realise when an episode ends. Eventually, it will only leave you craving for more.

The good news is that the 11th episode is not the final one and as per reports soon new episodes will be released.

Of course, the show has its moments when you feel it is a little too stretched or sometimes told in a hurry, but all in all, it at no point it becomes melodramatic or unreal. And that is what makes “Haq Se” worth a watch. I suggest, go for it.