An Answer To The Post : The Fast Disappearing Muslim In The Indian Republic

Posted by sankalp avirjaan
February 4, 2018

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Read the post regarding Muslims Disappearing in India.

Really upset that people promote such kind of a post.

Questioning on being religious, why only Muslims are victimize. People show incidents like it is because of being Muslims. We all know and we have this social stigma against each other. But definitely not so much of hatred for each other.

Muslims all over the world are struggling with this pre defined image. Its truth their religion is followed blindly even giving any thoughts. They are so much into religion that they forget important things about hurting others sentiment.

Majority of Muslims are involved in terrorist activities. If you ask them they will say they are lead to wrong path. I want to ask why only Muslims are going towards wrong path. Why Islam is so weak that anyone can use it to deviate the minds of young people.

In other religion never heard that they are on a wrong path because of religion. And why is that so?

From last 20 years in Indian Politics Muslim played important role and every party favor them. Then this person has no problem in that. Muslim has created mess, they were openly doing crimes and were not caught because of politics.

Danga at shamli happened because of Muslim boys raped hindu girls and police did not write a complaint.

There are people who were torchered every day by Muslims.

A muslim can live peacefully in Hindu majority colony but one hindu can not live in Muslim majority colony.

And this is the truth.

You know why BJP is in power because everyone was having soft corner for Muslim which automatically polarized the Hindu Vote to one party. First time in 20 years.. Congress thought about Hindu Vote. And we have seen in Gujarat Elections. Now the people have problem with that. Such kind of a post divide the people from people.

As I’m writing because of the false and bogus arguments. And fake incident.

In India no one is killed because of a particular religion. If Muslim is killed by hindu then it is hundred percent sure that Muslim have first killed any hindu.

When people were killed for personal reasons and they belong to different communities then people will have soft corner for Muslim but never for hindu.

Islam is the root cause of world peace problem. The day Islam will be easy and people who follows Muhammad will come over Muhammad and religion the world will become better place to live.

Shariyat will not be followed and should be banned all over the world. Shouting Allah Allah Allah will not help whether do it 5 times a day or 10 times a day. Key is to introspect ourselves not reading Kuran 100 times a day.

You do not read book every day you understand the concept, you do not follow blindly, you question it. If someone question Islam, kill him. Kill animals for the Kurbani, eat non-veg all this were right at that Muhammad time. Not now. Kuran needs to be redefined.

Muhammad was living in desert. Where he can not find food green vegetables or fruits so there’s only option to Non- Veg is left. But all the Muslim have no mind leaving some so called progressive Muslim. They will keep following. Its hard to believe that such kind of religion even exist.

Muhammad tried to Kurban his most beloved thing, his child. A god tested him and put goat. Now every Muslim will kurban Goat.. Which they do not have any affection. If any religion even Hinduism if anyone says do Bali of an innocent animal its not a religion to follow.

I have come across 100 Muslim for example everyone tries to justify why Islam is the only good religion. Someone say I’m the best doesn’t make you one.

Results speak and truth is Muslims not every but majority are the real threat to the world’s peace.

They will say terrorism has no religion but you can not hide fact that its a bitter truth that Muslims majority are terrorists.

France, London, Paris, Germany, India

USA every one is fed up of Islamic terrorism.

So please who ever posted such post first analysis yourself then write such a post.

If in India only one state ever ruled by Muslims majority I can bet it will not be well suited for any other religions.

We have seen Pakistan views over Hindu,

Bangladesh over hindu.

Muslims are second majority in India still minority.

Please first look why everyone has such view on One particular religion..


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