Are We Going To Be Transformed From A Sovereign Republic To A Colonial Market?

Posted by Rohit Dhyani in Business and Economy, Politics, Society
February 27, 2018

Scandals related to Punjab National Bank (PNB) and other banks have sparked new concerns about corruption. The claims of transparency and good governance are burning up in flames. It seems that Prime Minister Modi’s promises of freedom from scams have now been reduced to accusations.

So far, the scam seems like a movie’s story. The BJP and the Congress are busy blaming each other; the ministers of the government are claiming cleanliness in front of the media and counting the number of scams during Congress rule. But they fail to take into account the fact that we’ve entered the fifth year of BJP’s rule.

Even when newspapers, social media and certain TV media were filled with reports of these scandals, the Prime Minister was discussing exams with children and giving tips on confidence. He inaugurated the BJP’s largest central office, reached the Global Investors Summit in Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh, laid the foundation for the Navi Mumbai International Airport and delivered speeches in his familiar style in Karnataka and Tripura. However, no word was uttered about the bank scandal. Where was the promised zero tolerance for scams? The scandal continued, the accused kept on making safe passages and praising the Prime Minister.

If the banks add the bad loans of various banks to the lending amount, then Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi are responsible for the loss of ₹20,000 crore. It seems that the Modi government is also helpless like the Manmohan Singh government in standing up to big capitalists. The big capitalists are playing arbitrarily with the financial structure of the country and the governments are frustrated.

Are we going to be transformed from a sovereign republic to a colonial market? During such matters, the ones who shout slogans of nation,  religion and patriotism disappear. Trying to keep the people misguided will not be called treason.

If this is not a joke on this country, then what is it? Instead of hurling accusations at the country’s first Prime Minister, the present Prime Minister should say something on the scandals. This is a matter of concern over the country’s sovereignty and dignity.

What was even more shocking was how deeply scamsters have penetrated our banking systems. They could easily pass passwords and communicate messages. This can prove to be a devastating dent in the security system of the country. It should be understood that in the face of such crisis, we need accountability and not a collapse on the part of those answerable.