Back to basics

Posted by Deep Shikha
February 3, 2018

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“2 men and 3 women were working in a field, if woman’s productivity is one by third of a man and work gets over in 5 days then in how many days can 3 women complete whole work?

“If 3 men have to be selected from group of 6 men and 2 women then in how many ways can they be selected?”.
I am not talking mathematics here, it’s a serious time to have a re look at our education system.Had we read same thing where “third gender ” was also included in problem then today we would not be looking at third gender differently. It’s not our fault, we as human beings tend to behave differently to things which we are not used to.
Bringing laws, policies , rules etc are obviously needed, but I think inclusion of this perspective in education system itself will bring a major change in our attitude towards a discriminated and lesser known section and their acceptance.  If we listen about them, know about their existence well from childhood then in train, on road, in Legislative Assembly, in Police when we see them, we wont behave like we are looking at eighth wonder of world. Behavior is influenced by learning not by laws.
On same line if we think, a movie “Padman” is about to come which will obviously serve less purpose of awareness but more of box-office and fame. If a mathematical question is formed that If a girl gets periods 3 days in a month, then how many days she gets periods in a year?” Similarly if a chapter in literature is brought where this “thing ” is used in simple way, just as passing reference, today we would not look at hypocrites to let us know that this is thing to be talked about.
Im using word “thing” here not the word “issue”. Since period is not an issue which needs marketing, it’s choice of a person to reveal, talk about it or not. With least marketing, less profit of pad companies and less hype the matter can be debated in class right from small standards, in homes, in tutions and then people will be more aware of it than thinking of getting inspiration from a movie.

Biology or any other subject does not be read as stand alone subject. We need synthesis of all subjects to serve social purpose. Things which we must have been aware of long back, today by Youtube, Wats app, movies, actors we are being made aware of, thanks to our failed education system.
Our education system needs a overhaul

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