Badly positive sheroes !

Posted by Shweta Mehrotra
February 8, 2018

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Dear ladies,

I would like you all to ask yourself a few questions before I open up and share some powerful yet common concerns which I have heard from many of my friends, but have never talked about. I believe now is the time to speak up.

My dearest ‘sheroes’, how many of you at times feel that your wings have been clipped by your family or due to other responsibilities?

Do you feel the pinch of not being independent enough?

At times, do you feel that you’re being caged by your own responsibilities? Or that you are not enjoying the way you are living ?

For many years, I’ve heard these challenges from many of my friends. Often, we blame our surrounding relationships.

I’ve observed these are some common issues which a majority of the women relate to. Many even feel better knowing that other women face similar or even bigger challenges.

My opinion for all of the silent n unheard voices! The most unfortunate part is because of biological reason n with time organically man made condition that a woman must nurture her child forever, regardless of her concent .

Secondly: no one in our society takes this situation as a problem; instead, society believe it’s a luxury for a woman to take the backseat.

Lastly, a majority of women are hesitant or afraid. They wish to be free of such burdens but do not have enough courage to come out of such situations themselves , as that couch gives them a sense of appreciation with in surrounding relationships ( good girl, good daughter,good wife , good mother, good daughter in law ).

Throughout my life, I have decided from the beginning that I’m not going to be those stereotype girl ! So in short: a bad girl, bad daughter, bad mom, bad sister, bad wife, and a bad daughter in law.

However, I’ve realized that this attitude I’ve developed had left me with proud parents, a loving sister, a happy and healthy son ,happy in laws and a smiling husband .

Throughout my journey, I’ve realized that it’s so important to understand yourself and your wishes in life to make your surroundings serene and happy! We don’t need any one else’s certification other then our own certification of happiness.

It’s been years that I talk and live on my innocent new born principles 🙂 A child is the only one who has no fear or pressure to prove .

A very simple motto that helped me in my life is that I talk and live what I believe in. I try to improve myself and understand others’ situation! This does not make you judgmental.

I’ve made positive speaking a habit. I have stopped relating with people faced with the challenges of an oppressed woman. Instead, I connect based on new learnings.

Believe me, my dear friends, no life is so difficult that it is not worth a little time for the achievement and appreciation that we dream of! Achievement for ourselves ! Achievement for our existence ! Achievement of knowing us better ! Achievement to giving better tomorrow.

Only thing that we need to focus is understanding our real self and work towards it without questioning our decisions.

Always remember- you are the only person that can save yourself. Speaking from experience, I’ve failed, learned; and now I’m living .

So get up, pick up the page. Write your dreams and work towards it taking all your challenges as opportunities.

Let’s make this world together happy and healthy .

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