Let’s Go Beyond The PadMan Challenge And Not Behind It

Posted by Sonal Jain in Menstruation
February 7, 2018

Of course it’s natural. Period.

But what isn’t nature-friendly or body-friendly are disposable sanitary napkins. I’m using the #PadManChallenge to display reusable menstrual products that are trash free, rash free and cash free. Join me in raising awareness – about menstruation and environmental sustainability, not just the film.

Disposable napkins are made of toxic chemicals. They don’t decompose for 600 years and create tons of bio-medical waste. #DitchDisposables

A menstrual cup, on the other hand, lasts over 10 years and is more convenient than any other menstruation-related product you could use. And cloth pads don’t cause cancer.
#GreenTheRed #CupAndCloth

Challenging more powerful women and men to show support to #SustainableMenstruation. Post a picture with a reusable menstrual product on your public profiles, and get your environment-friendly friends to do it too. Let’s get this through to influencers/celebrities who mean to support period talk and not just promote a film.

The #PadManChallenge
The #PadManChallenge with a twist. This is my #CupWomanChallenge

Please don’t stop the conversation here. Take it further. Educate yourself on polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), ill effects of birth control/hormone pills to manage one’s cycle, dysmenorrhea. Un-learn that period blood is impure, and dismiss the taboo around period sex.

I’m glad we are finally making films about menstruation and are sharing the story of a man who did unconventional things. But in the process, let’s not glorify a problematic product – that is, disposable sanitary napkins.

You can visit this site to learn more about the ill-effects of sanitary napkins on our bodies and the planet. We aren’t just asking you ditch dirty disposables but also offering several reusable solutions. Be wise and make the switch.

Stop adding to the 120kg of non-bio degradable (hazardous) waste you’d generate if you used sanitary napkins throughout your menstruating lifetime.

And if you want to donate someone’s 10 years worth of menstrual products for ₹600 while getting yourself one, check this out. Environmentally disastrous and monetarily expensive sanitary pads are not the only solution.

Let’s go beyond the #PadManChallenge, not behind it.