Bharat Icon ; Mrs. Shilpa Agrawal Journey from zero Mile to today’s Women

Posted by Yugandhara Yug
February 20, 2018

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Mrs. Shilpa Agrawal and her supportive husband Mr. Akash Agrawal is Nagpur’s live example for best couple best supporter and very nice human being. Shilpa is from typical Marwadi family. Grown up with sisterhood love. After marriage, every woman needs time to manage in new life and while her journey if she feels helpless than she takes some unwanted step. The same thing happened with Shilpa after her attempt to suicide step Akash took an important decision. He took a responsibility to recover Shilpa and motivated her. He always pushes her to get interacted with people always encourage her for participation and some time forced her to complete her task. It is not easy to build confidence and encourage someone for achieving what they are today for that need dedication and sacrifices. As a husband he did but while this journey Shilpa and Akashh face problem in society people pinch them by may bad comments. When you have fear of losing someone whom you loved that you don’t care for society or their words. But women are always emotional they get hurt and tears are the only solution for them. But while that tears someone is with them than they can come out of the situations. that happened with Shilpa much time.

She won many medals to ignore such talk and build up her confidence and focus her work. Now Shilpadon’tt need anything she does have her small world around her, her work and busy to face new challenges. She learns all the aspect of Admin she is handling marketing and Promoting her brand. higher secondary pass women are handling everything and example of today’s women. A better person is who don’t find negativity in any person and welcoming them with a warm heart, that feeling you will always get in Mrs. Shilpa’s behavior. Her eyes are full of shine and ready to face all challenges in the life.

Today we need the icon who is confident, problem-solving, ready for all challenges in life, Humble, supportive and passionate about their dreams.

I remember when first-time I met Mr. Akash and Mrs. Shilpa simple hardworking women. I saw the pain in her voice, and eyes were finding respect as a woman. Then I heard a lot about Shilpa, her childhood and success story. That time also she dints got her respect and she said that she is chasing her actual position in the society and the journey has begun. I was standing next to her, but when she said that I feel proud of her because the woman who faces insulted by society, who is in the process of die and today she is proving her self. Is she a loser? If she can be there, then why not ordinary women? She did n’t bear with a silver spoon. She dints got her dream as a flexible platter.

Every successful man or women is the one who struggled and achieved them a dream and hunger of their dream will make them a unique person in life. When your achievement footprint will make history. History will be prepared by the golden pen.

In Shilpa’s case, her husband was her backbone, her child was motivation factor and society was her challenges and hear today’s position shutter of people unhappy words mouth. After all these experiences, she is still having an open heart to support innovative generation to achieve their dream. What a wonderful positive energy she is having that she has forgiven everything and starting to start up a programme for youth and motivating women to reach their dream. Wish you the best of luck for your future and happy life.

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