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Body Hair Transplant: A Breath-taking Break Through

Posted by Fue Hairline Clinic
February 26, 2018

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Looking good is a very important thing when it comes to having a lot of self-confidence. Having a belief that you look attractive will have a very positive impact on your character. Baldness is one of the most common problems when it comes to men. These days, thanks to the lifestyle and the types of food that we consume, baldness creeps in at very young ages. There are numerous solutions to the problem of baldness and one is using a wig. But most people do not prefer this.

The next solution and probably the best solution is to undergo a hair transplant procedure. This is a surgical procedure and hence this is a permanent solution to the whole problem of baldness. Yes, there are chances that you may have to undergo hair transplant repairs in the future but this would give you a much better appearance when compared to using a wig.

What are the limitations of ordinary hair transplanting?

Baldness means the loss of hair in certain parts of the scalp or other parts of the body. The process of hair transplant is grafting new hair into these parts. The hair to be transplanted is obtained from the areas where there is sufficient amount of hair. In most people the baldness occurs in the central part of the scalp. When it comes to the sides of the scalp and the back, there is normally hair that is considerably thick. The idea is to obtain hair from these areas and then graft them on to the regions where there is not hair.

But when it comes to people that have very little hair in the sides or at the back, hair transplant becomes impossible.

Also it is not always feasible to transplant hair on to other regions other than the scalp. People would want to have thick hair in other regions like the face.

The body hair transplant remedy:

The problem in people that do not have adequate hair to graft on the scalp have been solved with the arrival of the FUE technique. Here the strands of hair are taken from other body parts like the chest and then these are grafted on to the bald part of the scalp. The whole procedure is a very tricky one and hence it is very important to make sure that one chooses a very experienced and skilled surgeon while going for this technique.

Transplants in other body parts:

People may wish to have facial hair like moustaches and beards. Also there are people who want to have dense chest hair. All these are now possible. Hair from the scalp of a person is similar in texture and quality with the hair in other body parts. Hence professionals remove hair from the scalp and graft them on to the desired region.

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