Break free!!!

Posted by Ayush Khare
February 20, 2018

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We are freaking afraid. Like not just to the mere level which are likely to be easily slammed down. They already seems to be hitting the zenith. Still turning up the stones to figure out what are we actually Afraid of?
These engulfing fears, most of’em are being brought into this world by us only.
Social pressure, validation, people’s expectations, fear of being judged, our own conjectures are what the major contributor to the list. These fears carving a very deep and impactful scar onto our life or might not be big deal to say onto our soul. Scrapping out the beautiful bits from inside of us, making us fucking hollow.
The whole scenario has got us into zone where most of us are running blindly behind the things for which our soul ain’t even craving for. I’m bewildered thinking about ” for whom we actually doing it?”.we being so perfect at our game that we have developed such an efficacious defence mechanism to build up a false hoax. mechanism which is feeding us up with reasons to do the things which we are pretty much sure of we’d not be doing in the first place if it’d all be going by our true conscience. To me, It seems to be the biggest concern right now to human race to build an anti defence mechanism to slam down this hoax mechanism hollowing us from within but what we actually indulged into is slamming down the humanity instead.
This illusionary trap has developed into exceptionally powerful so much so that it has already slammed down the human’s discretion, conscience and most sadly the humanity itself.
We as a human may not be sure of what we actually want from our life but i guess it’s crystal clear in our vision that what we do not want from our life. And the sad part is many of us doing things which we know have zero value in our life.
We gotta question ourself is this what the sole purpose of our life? Will we be carried to our cemetery bed with soul satisfaction if we’d be doing the things as we doing them presently? Who doesn’t have an answer to it ? I guess everyone of us pretty well aware of what we actually want out of our life which is being bestowed to us. But the concerning issue is that the hoax trap is too powerful to be smashed. This trap has an elite executioner to empower over the fragile inner voice warrior of ours which is merely being sometimes supported by its mates( discretion and conscience). It’s our duty to feed up this fragile warrior so that it emerge triumphant in this battle of hoax trap army and our true inner voice warrior.
We gotta do it anyhow because that’s what the purpose of us being on this place, doesn’t matter whatever efforts it requires, may be enormous hardship to go through but we’ll make it to the winning grounds. One day !!!

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