Calling all Youths of India to Learn, Promote and Grow in Tourism & Fulfill Life’s Desires

Posted by Udaybhanu Sen
February 18, 2018

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India has a long historical perspectives that can influence global interest in it, both as leisure, as well as, for knowledge hunt and thereby, become a most promising means as its marketting as an occupation. Even Indian education syllabi seldome lacks from practical exposures to make it parrochially mootonous for its users. Makes our education  a mere confirmatory compliance of certificate and degrees, beyond its inherent objective of passing down the rich knowledge of our culture, heritage and wisdom. Therefore, the education sector too has a tremendous potential to strengthen itself from study touring and practical learning of our past history based on geography and trading practices that brought so much glory in past thethe world prospered at its expense and at expense of our prevailing overall poverty.

Very recently I toured the North Central District of Malda in West Bengal. This place has been the witness of our ancient, middle and modern age history and been perpetually been neglecged, ignored and even looted of its material treasures foe ages. Today the area is a mere witness to the stupendous artistic, intelectual and material achievents and has remained hidden away from world to rediscover and awae at its spendour and glories. It has architecture and town planning, religion and knowledge, relatively sophisticated natural products and trade and practices involved in the same. When our Union and State Governments are so keen to revive one of the most promising business sector of Tourism as a means to promote business and employment for the society, then why are youthful entrepreneurs waiting this huge natural ancestral investment go wasted dug deep in volumes of research papers and accumulating debries?

Believe me, you all can do it provided you are willing to launch a movement that will protect, nurture and promote its study in order to make it a great employment multiplier. National and International corporates, International Agencies forprotecting and promoting history and culture, our own universities and those that are foreign with reputation of knowledge through excavation and restoration and thereby, strengthen economy, peace, harmony and above all, self satisfaction of being an able contributor. The ruins and the little of its remains are no less glorious than celebrated TAJ and forts or allied monuments and shrines that beccons thousandsof tourist, students, researchers, pilgrims each day at them and thereby, offers tremendous opportunity to get effectively employed and earn to fulfill love, life and happiness. I am everso willing to lend my rudimentory expertise and knowledge to plan and guide to overall benefit.

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