Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj : A Role Model

Posted by Abhijeet Rasal
February 18, 2018

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The first thing to remember with regards Shivaji Maharaj is that he was not a person who performed miracles , HE WAS A HUMAN WHO WAS ABLE TO TRANSFORM THINGS / SITUATIONS AND PROVE HIS VALOUR THROUGH HIS ABILITY OF PRECISE ANALYSIS AND TRANSFORMATION THROUGH ACTION.

Analyzing him from different perspectives, we can see different qualities of Shivaji Maharaj each time when we read about him, we are awestruck by his qualities . One author called him as MANAGEMENT GURU. Precisely, following are the prominent qualities that he had:

1. He was goal-oriented. The first step of anything without which any action is useless is goal setting. He took pledged at the age of 15years and set his goal as SWARAJYA .

2. He was the best leader: He was able to boost the confidence in those people who were downtrodden and oppressed from generation to generation. Therefore filling them with the morale fight for their right.

3. He was a secular leader: In his army, people from different caste, religion were included. He didn’t discriminate between them.

4. He was good planner: he tackled the mighty forces of Afjhal Khan in the best way possible, while going through the history the fact that he was good at planning becomes evident. Another famous example that shows his quality of a good planner is the escape from AGRA.

5. He never gave up: In the Treaty of Purander, he lost 27 forts. He almost lost his complete empire. However, when he died, by that time he had become king of more than 300 forts. It was his burning desire of never to give up that even though he lost most of his empire yet by his death he had more of it than what he had lost earlier.

6. He was emotionally strong: while escaping from Agra, he left his Son Sambhaji Maharaj in Agra and proceeded towards Maharashtra. His son was just 8year old. Even though rumors of his death spread, yet he didnt let his emotions take him over for doing the right thing .

7. He was very good administrator: He gave strict warnings to army about the codes and conduct that they have to follow. His letters are the best example in which his administrative skills are seen.

8. He always gave respect to womenStory of Hirkani gave example about treatment given by him to women.

9. He had self respect: When Aurangzeb insulted him in the court, he stood firm and gave strong response to Aurangzeb.

10. He was visionary : He was the first man to understand threats from sea. So, he build his Navy. He is known as Father of Indian Navy.

These are only few qualities. Taking any incident in history about Shivaji we learn different things about him, each incident is a lesson in itself . however , we must look at him from a broad minded secular view not narrow mindedness ( like he is Hindu, anti-muslim,etc) he is a leader who should be seen as leader irrespective of religion and things like of it .

Hence, Kaviraj Bhushan wrote

इन्द्र जिमि जंभपर , वाडव सुअंभपर |
रावन सदंभपर , रघुकुल राज है

पौन बरिबाहपर , संभु रतिनाहपर |
ज्यो सहसबाहपर , राम द्विजराज है

दावा द्रुमदंडपर , चीता मृगझुंडपर |
भूषण वितुण्डपर , जैसे मृगराज है

तेजतम अंसपर , कन्हजिमि कंसपर |
तो म्लेंच्छ बंसपर , शेर सिवराज है


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