Contribute to yourself

Posted by Pragya Sah
February 24, 2018

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How many of us compliment our freinds and our near and dear ones… I guess many of us.. if someone’s got a new outfit or may be they are just as usual but we do compliment others.. but why do we sometimes forget to compliment ourselves. Getting up in the morning and going to the same daily routine and adding a compliment to your self would contribute a lot to your life. Sometimes we feel low or alone and that’s the time we need our own company, that’s the time we get to spend with our true selves. It’s we who know our highs and lows. Just feel what you like and dislike, do things that you like to do, explore your self , your capabilities, your aims and goals. Just get some time for yourself. Stand confidently infront of the mirror and say out loud that you are the most beautiful creature God has ever created, embrace your beauty, your attitude, your style,your colour, your dressing ,yourself. Contribute to yourself and this will make you happy

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