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Corruption And Capitalism: Made For Each Other!

Posted by Krishna Singh
February 23, 2018

News: India’s Corruption Index Rank has been falling for the last three years!

Analysis: The Corruption Index Rank is a relative term. The corruption in our country vs rest. That means, the least corrupt country, may have become more (or less) corrupt than in the past but yet may remain least corrupt, compared to the rest! We can understand this and also know well that corruption (as well as crime, colour/caste/religious discrimination, terrorism, war, unemployment, etc) has risen manifold, since 2008, after the longest economic crisis, started in US and spread the world over. This phenomenon is the by-product of degeneration in capitalism.

Yes, capitalism is old, terminally diseased, unable to meet the need of 90-95% of the population of any country, it’s own profit rate is down miserably despite most modern productive forces, technology. Even throwing workers back to streets, reducing wages, terrorism, war, forcibly taking over the land of the natives, looting people’s money “legally” through inflation & tax system, etc is not sufficient to solve the deep contradictions in capitalism.

Contradiction in capitalism has many manifestations. Like, rising wealth but rising unemployment and poverty, more scientific discoveries and yet rising superstition & ignorance among the masses due bourgeois education system, gigantic production capacity but falling profit due massive unsold products, rising commotion among the workers and farmers, etc. So, in short, the corruption is another, small symptom of capitalism, which gives its birth. It also emanates due cutthroat competition among the bourgeois class to remain afloat in the market!

It’s impossible to weed out unemployment, corruption from a capitalist society.

Solution : Class unity and struggle to overthrow the hegemony of capitalist class and establish dictatorship of the working class and construct Socialism! Do away wage slavery and class division in the society!