Dear Bajrang Dal, May I Fall In Love?

Posted by Manvi Singh in Specials
February 19, 2018

Dear Bajrang Dal,

It’s high time for you to know, we are in a democracy. Period.

I wish to know the objective behind your organisation and why is it unacceptable to fall in love according to you?

You have announced yourself as the moral police, showing the ‘right way’ to the youth of India, but I would like to know, who appointed you? The youth of India? I don’t think so.

Vandalising public property, humiliating couples, sending threatening messages to stop us from celebrating a day marking love? I wonder if you really know what your objective says on your website. It no where mentions the fact that you are the official moral police of India.

I wonder, who are you to decide if at all I wish to see my boyfriend or not, or if I wish to kiss him in public, because from where I see things, it’s my freedom of expression and an extremist group has no right to walk over my fundamental right. Under no law of the Indian Penal Code am I a culprit if I or anybody else kiss their partner with all their consent.

If this is how you spread the name of Hindutva and its ideologies and if these are your morals then I’m glad you didn’t exist in the era of Lord Krishna, otherwise neither there would’ve been a Radha nor Rukmini or Meera. I’m glad that the Lord was allowed to fall in love and hold a Rasleela with his gopis. I wonder if you would’ve chased them away, I wonder if you would’ve morally policed the Lord?

If not, then why us? How is it that falling in love meant something else back then and means something completely different now? How is it that it was morally appropriate then and not now? What made you develop such kind of a hypocrisy? What made you harass people in love?

I wonder if you have experienced it yourself too. Or probably seen your parents stay in love for decades? So then, do you punish them too? Make them do sit-ups because you feel that’d be the right way to punish the ‘crime’ of falling in love?

According to you, it’s okay to have a country where everybody hates each other, on the basis of religion, caste, class, creed and colour, but you cannot tolerate two people in love.

I wonder if you’d like to reconsider your name because Bajrang, stands for Lord Hanuman, a person who was behind the union of Lord Rama and Lord Sita, and here you are, destroying the concept of love in our country. What you cannot tolerate is a simple celebration of Valentine’s Day, where two people in love wish to spend some time together.

Do let me know, am I allowed to fall in love? Ever? And no, I’m not talking about getting married to fall in love, I’m talking about falling in love.

There are people around me who are scared to walk out of their house to meet their love, just because they don’t wish to be morally policed publicly. Are they allowed to fall in love?

Dear Bajrang Dal, please let me know, is the youth of India allowed to fall in love?

Waiting to know your response,

A young girl