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Posted by Rishi Pandey
February 3, 2018

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It was around 1 am in the night nd i was at the parking lot of a wedding venue to pick my mom from the function. I made a call to her but after hearing her i came to know that i was a bit early there so i decided to stay in the car until she comes out. I was enjoying some good music then suddenly i heard a voice…..

Thakk thakk….

The sound was coming from my car window nd when i looked around, it was my frnd who knocked the window like a hell. He was there in the function too so i opened the door nd we chated for abt 5 minutes then decided to have some tea as we both had enough time for that.

Now we were at the railway station as it is the only place where you can get tea/coffee in the midnight. I parked the car nd we both went to a shop to order my hard nd a bit sweet tea nd started stretching my body cause i was feeling sleepy nd then suddenly i heard something like someone is calling me but when i looked around there were nobody out there so i ignored nd we continued our random conversation…

Some minutes later i again heard a spiritless voice coming somewhere around us..

O bhaiya ji…….

Now i was clear that somebody is calling either me or my frnd cause the voice was clear enough to us but again there were nobody…

O bhaiya ji idhar hain hum…

Yaha niche hain…

When these words came into my hearing range i saw that a boy aged around 8-9 years was laying underfoot below a dusky broken table. He was in a condition which we couldn’t even think of. Well i beckon him to come out to us nd then…

Chhotu kya hua, thik to ho?

Bhaiya ji bhookh lagi hai, kuchh khila denge kya? Bahot der se kuchh nahi khaye hain, pet jal raha hai

Sometimes you even get a question as a answere in addition to your question nd this was the same situation i was going through.

After these words tears rolled down his eyes and justified each nd every words said by him was true. Without wasting a second i took him to the vendor n said…

Chhotu kya khana hai, batao?

Bhaiya ji bas ek chai dila dijiye aur ek toast

Bas itne me pet bhar jayega tumhara?

Nd he replied very cutely nd made me enchanted…..

Haan bhaiya ji bhar jayega

Such a genuine reply. I knew he was hesitating to open up so i ordered a bun-makkhan (bread-butter), chai, and a toast for him nd came back to my car wid vishal (frnd) nd we both sat on the bonut nd started our paused coversation…

Now while discussing something my eyes suddenly went to that guy and what i saw was an amazing, literally amazing scene which was going throuh in front of me…

The guy i bought some tea nd buns was not alone. He now had a company of two more boys and they were sharing that one bun, tea and toast together. Such an amazing and very rare behaviour it was to see them because most of the time we see them fighting over the distribution but it was totally different.

I couldn’t stop myself to reach them to ask how they managed to share that bun which was single for the number for 3 boys.. Was it their love for each other or something else?

I asked..

Chhotu tum to teen bande ho fir ek bun me kaise kha le rahe ho? Tum logon ne aur kyun nahi liya? Maine kaha tha na jo chahiye vo le lena..

They replied….

Bhaiya ji hum log bahot der se baithe the. Bahut bhaiya log se maange par sab log bhaga diye aur abhi aap dilaye to dar rahe the ki fir kahenge to aap bhi bhaga denge aur ye bhi nahi milega hum log ko

This made me deeply broken inside nd then i bought some seperate buns, tea and toasts for them. I was literally speechless.

But here the question is,

how rude a society could be?

Don’t you have some extra bucks to feed someone who is literally craving for the meal?

why some people can not react as a human being to others?

Everybody is busy casting their beautiful shining images in front of the people of their belonging but nobody actually care for these people as their moral duties towards them and the humanity too and this is the true face of our so called good people’s society…

Where is the humanity?

Do anybody of you have the idea that in which direction are we actually moving as a society?

Are these not our moral duties to help people in need and give them a positive push to make them stand by their own?

They talk about charity but these are the people who mugs when a little kid comes to them with a hope nd ask them to feed even anything but in return they get abuses and this face of society is a brutal one.. literally..

If you cant feed a needy, if you cant help them, then who the hell are you to abuse them, to mentally harass them?


the good part is that there are some people who actually believe in humanity nd are doing tremendous work for them and the society need to learn from them how to make a good impact in someone’s life…

Think about it..

I don’t ask you to give money to them even i strongly disagree with that as it is one of the reason of human trafficking but if somebody is asking you for a meal or something to eat, how can you resist or ignore them?

Go for the things which will cherish your innerself nd feel those beautiful smiles you earn after feeding or helping them.

Lets make a beautiful world together by being a human being first…


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