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Feeling When you are on a Break from Daily rat race

Posted by Akshay Tyagi
February 25, 2018

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Yes I don’t have a job now but there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s ok, it happens, it’s a part of life and yes I am one of them who is going through from this phase. Not having a job doesn’t mean I do not have capability or I am looser, it is actually means I am quite lucky from others and I am on a break from daily rat race and I am having a free mind when I can actually think about myself with complete focus on my future. This is the time when I can easily apply for “n” number of jobs without any concern or hesitation, instead of applying From my work place where I felt as if I am doing some crime, this is the time when I can go for any interview at anytime irrespective whether it would schedule on Wednesday or Friday or even on Sunday ( where I am actually leading from others), this is the time when I am no longer depended only on job websites, instead I am getting chance to visit companies offices to submit my resume where I am actually learning that it’s not just market with full of competition, there are more competition for just one vacancy and that is where the company needs the filtered crowd, this is the time where I am getting chance to explain myself not to quit because I am lucky enough to experience this during the early days of my career, people says market is down but I believe market will never go down because there are talents everywhere who are called planners and they plan the things well in advance, they are the one who knows how to survive their company with their advance planning even in worst situation because their job is companies profitability and not just revenue, their job is customer’s satisfaction and not just Manager’s satisfaction by achieving his target because if customer is satisfied with your product, your company is already on the right track because one customer brings 10 new customers (which means 1×10=10) but even one customer can reduce 100 customers by his single negative review and how can company solve this issue, very simple by understand their employees, if right employee is sitting at the right place then he will give you double return than expected, but if right employee is sitting at the wrong place then the employee is liability to the company until and unless you understand the employee and his skill.

This is what I have learned in just 5 years of market experience. I believe I will get a chance to learn even more that will not only help me to grow in my professional life but most importantly in my personal life that would make me a good human being. Dedicated to all the strugglers with the hope that tomorrow will bring success and the struggle would come to end with a learning experience. #dontquit #faithinyourself #learningstage #beprepared #tommorrowisbrighter

Thanks for your time by reading this small thought of mine that was running in my mind 🙂

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