Foodstree: Bridging the Gap in the Artisanal Food Industry #MakeInIndia

Posted by Foodstree
February 9, 2018

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What is Foodstree?

Foodstree is a one stop destination for all your culinary needs and adventures. We source the best of Indian-made ingredients from all corners of the country, so that when it comes to what you eat – there’s no need to compromise.

So, whether you’re looking for guilt-free snacks, the newest superfood fads, exotic dips or even just healthier version of household staples – you’re sure to find it there! We particularly love our Quinoa Chips, Dark Chocolate Granola, Chilli Basil Pesto Dip, Salted Caramel Cashew Butter and Hazelnut Coffee.

We are firm believers that good food brings people together, and that no one should be excluded!

Whatever you’re looking for, be it gluten-free to heart-healthy – we at Foodstree have a unique tagging system where you can sort products based on your needs, diet and budget, so you can see exactly what suits you without any effort.

The Motivation

The main driving force behind Foodstree was to provide a platform for customers to discover the large number of food entrepreneurs who were producing unique, great products but were only popular in their local areas and unheard of on a national scale.Our suppliers are mostly small business owners making non-mass produced items.

There is a general perception that the range and quality of food products within India is sub-par compared to abroad – this is something we disagreed with and wanted to change by bringing to the forefront these smaller artisanal manufacturers. There was no dearth of products, simply a lack of visibility and awareness – which is where we decided to step in. It was a win-win proposition – promoting the makers as well as bringing variety and ease to consumers.

The Social Aspect – Make in India& Make India Healthier

The foremost way Foodstree helps bring about change is by promoting small producers and cottage industries. Supporting these local manufacturers and their sustainable methods is key to a thriving Indian artisanal food scene and is beneficial not only to the economy but environment as well.

We are a firm believer of the “Make in India” concept – it not only provides visibility to honest and small vendors across the country but also letsIndian consumers know the hidden gems present in the country’s food scene.

The second change is by transforming whatwe, as a society, eat. Mass-produced, unhealthy options have overrun markets. By facilitating easy access to high quality products and bringing visibility to healthier home-grown alternatives we aim to help build a culture of being more aware about food and eating better.

The Challenges

Each of our suppliers are found and identified after intense research and vetting. However, as our manufacturers are small, most of our products belong to the non-branded categoryin the traditional sense. People generally prefer buying those products which belong to a known brand rather than a lesser known one. Our challenge is to make these products recognized and give a fair chance to our vendors, by educating consumers on the manufacturing process and building a connect with them.

One of the other biggest challenges has also been overcoming the ‘discount culture’ that is prevalent in Indian e-commerce. Due to the nature of our products, and our goal to support our vendors, we aren’t able to offer the 50% off prices that consumers have become accustomed to. We are combatting this by spreading awareness about the sustainable and societally responsible sourcing of our goods, so customers understand the reason behind our regular pricing and why we are able to give only minor discounts.

What now?

We are looking to grow, grow and grow! Our aim is to become a foodie’s paradise, where enthusiasts and connoisseurs can come to discover, explore and enjoy new food. As this new wave of brands, products, lifestyle and way to eating hits the food industry, we aim to be at the forefront championing it. Visit us at


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