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February 26, 2018

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The human body has hair follicles almost all over the body, but the most developed sites are on the scalp and body, which also divides into the beard and the rest of the body. In this article, we are going to take care of the hair in the rest of the body.

Sixty percent of body hair in the rest of the body is at repose. Body hair is generally shorter in length and grows slower than on the scalp or beard. Its growth usually reaches 1 to 2 inches, and are mostly curly. In some areas of the body they grow even less, as is the case of the arms, toes and eyebrows. Body hair is usually thin in appearance, although it is sometimes as thick as the hair on the head.

Approximately one in four people (25%), who undergo a transplant of non-bearded body hair, obtain a better aesthetic result. Failure treatments include very fine hair and poor growth.

Hair supplies for hair transplantation

As in every procedure, we must know the ideal sources of hair for the areas to be transplanted. For example, if the recipient has thick, and curly body hair, the beard can be an excellent hair source for the barely populated area.

In case of a transplant in special areas such as eyebrows or temples, some sources of body hair are better than others. For example, at the temples, you could try the hair on your arms, as it is often thinner than other sources of body hair. On the other hand, the hair of some parts of the body grows less than the hair on the scalp so one may find that the hair on the arm or leg is ideal as a source for transplantation in the eyebrows. However, it should be clear that hair from the scalp as the source of follicles for transplantation is the one that offers the best results in hair grafts on the face.

In terms of performance, the beard follicles are the main source for grafting body hair, while offering the most consistent results. However sometimes it is better to sacrifice performance to obtain aesthetic results more suitable for the client, with sources for transplantation from other body parts.

Factors that improve performance

There are two factors that tend to improve or worsen performance. Transplanting hairs in the growth stage gives better results than if they are transplanted in the resting phase. The other aspect is the density of the transplant depending on the source, in that sense it is known that densities greater than 210 grafts per square inch generate a zero yield when using body hair. In conclusion, if the donor source is body hair from another zone it is recommended to use it in the active growth phase, with density being less than or equal to 180 per square inch.

The latest reports tell us that corporal and scalp hair transplants are performed with the same frequency. Since body hair growth is quite predictable at three months, patients and doctors will know if the procedure was successful in that period. Finally, it is good to know that while beard transplants have an effectiveness of almost 100% and those of scalp, about 95%, those of body hair are not as successful as the previous ones.

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