higher than “motivation” exists

Posted by Sambhav Garg
February 7, 2018

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-Sambhav Garg

When I was depressed about two years ago,  extremely  bad, very very bad, thoughts were coming in my mind. Gravity and Seriousness of that situation  was such that I could even become hopeless.

Then someone suggested me to watch video of a very, very popular motivator( I don’t want to name). I watched video, and felt very energized. Only one time I watched that video and never after that.

  And now after two year, I started my journey on path of spirituality, with the help of “Swami Vivekananda”( For me he is always with me, and can not be called by small word “death”.He is eternal and always can be experienced).

 On progressing little bit, very little on this journey, I  again researched about that motivator. My friends were fan, or, you can say diehard fan of that guy. Then on his website I found some photos of inspirational books.

Books on website of motivator

 And in his introduction there was this line-“His unshakable faith in the divine power grants him strength to thrive”.And total 27 inspirational books were there. Among them most of them were on Geeta, Geeta itself, Vedas , yoga.

 I was surprised  seeing this spiritual books. Because many of my friend, whom I mentioned about , were not so interested in Hindu Spirituality and ,  they always remind me of 21st century. They were believing that he is great man, no one can be like that. But Spirituality says, you can be spiritual with some effort. Though progress of different people may vary, but in due course of time it can be achieved and we can also achieve it. 

Then I thought about it .  I find that  society is responsible for it. Because we are not taught from childhood about real “Dharma” ,real “Spirituality”. We are only told to have fear of god. And only demand materialistic things from it.

And so called elders in society, tell such futile and absurd things to us that we can not believe them. And we lost such a vast, big, divine knowledge which is given to us by Swami Vivekananda and many like that.

From my litlle , very little experience I am saying that if we start that journey , that we need not to take motivation everyday . Motivation will be very small thing compared to which we would get.

So we must learn about our ancient heritage , about our Vedas then we  all will be motivator or , more than motivator. And it will become our habit to be motivated.

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