Why Do Our Politicians Spend So Much On Chai And Samosas?

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Business and Economy, Politics
February 28, 2018

If we pay attention to our politicians’ inclination to spend over snacks, it won’t be a pleasant sight. The huge amount of money they are willingly paying out leaves little to the imagination. What we instantly observe is that they are determined to set fresh records in ‘excessive expenditure of public money’. Taking into account the expenditures on tea and snacks during the Akhilesh government in Uttar Pradesh, it comes to light that a hefty sum of ₹9 crores had been spent on only tea, samosa and gulab jamun over a length of four years.

Moving on, the Uttrakhand Harish Rawat government spent nearly ₹1.5 crore between February 2014 and July 2016 on tea and breakfast.

However, the Bhartiya Janata Party’s Trivendra Singh Rawat government in Uttrakhand has shown a much more generous attitude by spending a sum of ₹68,59,865 in the past eight months in entertaining guests with tea and snacks.

Such expenses are said to be natural and within the limit. The party leaders regard them as completely right in their soft, breathy voices as they struggle to find a formulaic response.

When VIP culture was still isolated in our present-day transformed politics, such kind of over-spending seemed irrational for the people. The state governments appear to have shown no qualms over spending this much on food. They also did not adhere to any notion of answerability towards the public, for its money being frittered away so openly.

Our poor could easily be assisted with this enormous amount money for their daily sustenance. However, the shrewd politicians have unfortunately forgotten their tall promises after assuming the seats of power. No political party lagged behind in this liberal spending on tea and snacks. The large claims of bringing prosperity to the poor were forgotten. Can these amounts not be utilised for the poor?

It is really getting bothersome for the common people when they come to know of such details.