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Hunger became a call to Death…

Posted by Gayathri Nandhakumar A
February 24, 2018

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​He was not a terrorist, he was not a rapist, he did not do any communal violence and he did not do any bribe or corruption, what the crime he did was theft not because he needs to become rich because he was hungry. This is not North India where we continuously hear about such crimes and cruelties but Kerala, the gods own country. Literacy making people blind with sadism and people love and enjoy manslaughter. Under the name of politics people engage themselves in barbarism. Violence against the people neither reacts nor do they have moral support. Why? Since they are seen as the “worst” part of society who are been neglected. Cold blood murders which burn the society, “burn in just social media”, who are they? What are they? No identity… is he your brother? Father? Husband? Son? No….. backward caste… who is he? A Dalit… what did he do? His theft…

Right to equality? Right to freedom? Right against exploitation? Right against the discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, colour, gender? These are mentioned in the constitution from Article number 14 to 18 as fundamental rights and the most important one which is the right to live? Did the rapist hanged? Did the corrupted politicians hanged? Do they fight against the extremist who do cold blood murders on the rage and revenge of just political scenarios? Never!!! 

The society! Did you give him to eat? You would have given… neither you didn’t give nor you did allow him to live. Who are you? Just a human being! Just came out from a woman’s womb, as the process of physical relationship between your parents. Neither the “so called” god gave you life nor the politics not any of the king political gamers. Still you did not understand what is the value of life?

Madhu (27), he was arrested since he made robbery in the village of Attapadi, at Kannur in Kerala. While the police was taking him, he got chest pain and he was vomiting throughout. He was taken to the hospital and mean while he died. He was cruelly beaten by the moral police (the manslaughters, “so called” ethics keepers of the society) and took photos and videos of the man. And what did he do? He was hungry. Everyone neglected and ignored him. And to become famous you people took selfie, video. 

What is the purpose of being educate. To become the slaves of political kings and to fight against each political parties without knowing what is politics and what is its notions. Kerala is becoming a cold blood war land of political rage and revenge and also a plot for such brutalities. The literacy doesn’t mean that you are developed humanly but your character towards other living beings will certainly. In a country which is listed in corruption and unemployment, nominal society is living with luxuries and a huge portion is still neglected as backward caste and poor social class. 

If a girl walks at night she is gang raped, transgender still fight for their rights as a human being, the backward caste is still seen as worst part of society after the 70th year of Independence also. When the corruptionist and political thief’s escape from the blacklist the people like Madhu, who did robbery since he was hungry is murdered. 4th pillar of constitution… Media; the watchdog of society!!! Yesterday they didn’t notice it as news which has news value. Today they are cooking up stories, exclusives and the bullshit! The human rights are questioned here. Nothing to say and nothing to express… just feeling shamed because in a state where a man was forced to do robbery to keep his hunger down, a bunch of culprits, homicidal maniacs throwing him to death and even not being shamed on their despotic act and taking selfies. Feeling just shamed nothing to explain!!!

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