I am not brave enough !

Posted by Nidhi Tomar
February 3, 2018

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“While he would  dream of becoming painter, his parents made him opt for engineering forcefully”
”  She was busy in  nourishing her dream of becoming pilot but her family pushed her for marriage”


Instead of giving up on their dreams, they gave up on  their lives.


Whenever we hear about such suicidal cases, we feel so miserable and come up with statements  like , “jaldi himmat haar gya /haar gyi ” (gave up so easily )

We even criticize them by saying “They were cowards, failed to face the difficulties and chose easy way out.”

But I tried to see the other way round.

I feel that they were not strong and brave enough though but they were definitely the ones who were ambitious, who declined to bend down for any compromises, who knew that if they were asked to live life of a slave , they wouldn’t be able to survive. They dint accept to live a life of a “body without soul.” They rejected the offer of selling  their conscience for other’s happiness.
At the same time they couldn’t  see their loved ones unhappy , they couldnt able to accept the fact that they are responsible for their parents tears.

This “dilemma” often becomes one of the biggest reasons of this painful act .

Where on one hand they deny to give up their dreams and live with artificial happiness whole life , on other hand they fail to make understand their loved ones that how their conscience don’t allow them to go for “something” other than their dreams.

And they can’t see their family in distress , unhappy state too.

They struck between “own ” happiness and their loved ones happiness.

Finally when they don’t find any way out,  they decide to finish everything at one go.

I am not here defending suicide but trying to peek into the state of mind of a person who go through this.

We force that person so much that they unintentionally adopt  this path.
We become so rigid that we fail to understand that everyone is different.

” Not Everyone is brave enough to accept compromises.”

We push that person so hard that they lose the ability to take any reasoned decision.

They choose to end their lives over compromising their dreams and soul.

Please don’t be so rigid and harsh that your’s “piece of heart ” stop taking breaths eventually.

#Besoft #Let them be free

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