I see the humans not humanity among us

Posted by Abdul Quadir
February 27, 2018

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After having seen the Syria’s incident I couldn’t breathe for while.
In syria for last 5 days They have been brutally attacked and oppressed by vicious people. indeed this incident caused the a huge death of children and destruction of the humanity. But unfortunately some self-proclaimed safeguard of the humanity is still silence and many Islamic countries didn’t break out its silence over the issues of Syria. Because They are subordinated by the European countries they are afraiding of the bilateral relations with the superpower. Unfortunately They have no food to eat. no water to drink. and no roof to survive. But still the are alive with having expectations from the people.
We all human beings are highly indebted of the oppressive death of infants and women in Syria. The action should be taken very instantly by the UN and they should not be spared who attacked on innocence people. and its responsibility of the human rights to ensure Thier livelihood without fear in Syria and across the globe.

By Abdul Quadir

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