Importance of Using SWOT Analysis before Developing Mobile Apps

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February 21, 2018

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The most fundamental reason for developing any mobile application is to make more profits. As more and more people are developing their interest in mobile devices, therefore having just a business website is not enough in today’s times. But, on another side, we also need to think that if our app fails to bring out the expected results then? This is why it is recommended to conduct a SWOT analysis before getting your mobile application, where developers can focus on the essential requirements of the companies.

The abbreviation of SWOT is – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. Analyzing all these points allows you to find out the USP’s of the organization and areas need to be improved, goals to be achieved and also the problems to be conquered. There are some opulent qualities that are needed for having best iPhone app developers. Wherever you are targeting iPhone users, you always aim to achieve better conversion rate and putting a great impression on the global market. Therefore, it is recommended to concentrate on SWOT analysis and should know what is required by your company.

Benefits of SWOT

One thing that needs to be understood about SWOT analysis is that it does not offer any solution. Still, it helps in finding and analyzing the basic issues affecting the idea or business. Although, we all are well aware that SWOT is not the universal solution, so let’s get to know the advantage and limitations of conducting it:

First and foremost things to be remembered are that – it’s free of cost. Moreover, if there is any cost less tool is available then you can surely use your business where you cannot ignore this opportunity. The positive points of doing SWOT analysis are as under:

• By identifying the weakness of your organization, you can plan well and also check threats.
• You can think out of the box, and also understand your business more deeply.
• You can reveal the competitive strengths and also exploit better opportunities.

Conducting SWOT for Mobile App:
Before starting on a mobile app, you need to define your analysis clearly. Business owners can do the SWOT on your business, idea, MVP (minimum viable product) or any particular characteristic of the product. Therefore, comprehensive research of the industry and the market is needed. There is an important tip that needs to be taken care of. Strengths and weaknesses are somewhere internal but opportunities and threats refer to the external factors that are market and competition.

First of all, take all the characteristics of your app idea or the business that is required by the application. Some part of these strengths will be the strengths of your app. Along with this, also try and look to the strengths that are concerned with your competitors. After this, let’s find out the answers to these questions:

• What USP are you offering in your app?
• What are the benefits of your app idea or business?
• How does your app perform better than anyone else?
• Is there any unique resource which you can draw upon?
• What will be the final goal that you will define as a sale?

At this step, one needs to be realistic and confident enough to face the truth. There are no such limitations for being perfect in the market which means that you can always find weaknesses. Compare your weak side with your competitors and also try to analyze how to deal with the upcoming challenges. Below questions can definitely help you in this:

• What enhancements can you bring?
• What should you discard?
• Which points should be considered a weakness?
• Which characteristics of your product can affect the sale negatively?


At this stage, it is recommended to take a look at your strengths and should know how you can turn them into new opportunities. Along with this, you can also analyze your weakness and think how you can improve it for new opportunities. Follow the new trends and technologies in both the domestic as well as international markets. But, never forget about the government police monitoring and observing the potential user’s lifestyle and also the behavior patterns. Below question can help you definitely:

• Which type of trend and technologies should be used?
• Which points to weaknesses of your competitors you can use?
• When are you scaling your idea, what opportunities you can get?


Both threats and opportunities are useful in SWOT analysis. The points included in threat can help in analyzing your business environment for political, socio-cultural, economic and tech changes. This analysis can also give you larger picture for further planning. The questions which can help in identifying the threats are as under:

• Which are the difficulties you might face?
• How do your competitors overcome threats?
• How do quality standards affect your mobile app idea?
• Is your mobile app ready as per today’s technologies?
• How do you make sure that you will not have funding problems?

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