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February 22, 2018

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mobile application demand

Most mobile application development companies who start their firms with enthusiasm fail to deliver due to increasing demand and lack of optimum resources. A gap between these two domains leads to a negative shift and a huge loss can tend to occur. In today’s time, an optimisation of time and technique is a need of the hour as the demand for advanced, progressive applications in a short period of time has become a norm. Especially with technology like Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality and internet of things taking the world by storm, the demand for applications will in crease rapidly as compared to the resources available to deliver them. Many research have drawn conclusions that by the year 2019, there will be a 5x increase in the need for applications as people are not using just one device for their functions. People today are making use of almost 3-5 devices on a daily basis. With the advent of wearable technologies the designing and experience of applications is making a shift in it’s development.

But how do we curb this increasing gap between mobile application development demand and supply?

Here are some suggestions:

1) Organising application improvement:

Owing to the levels of popularity being garnered by most app development companies, their mobile application development groups are overburdened and consequently miss the mark on application quality, sustainability and timely delivery! The resources are organised and deployed to work on a first come first serve and hence they are never utilised to full potential and lead to lack of quality deployment. Thus, the entire versatile group needs to organise application development and figure a superior application improvement methodology. They have to break down and comprehend the requirements of the distinctive business partners and plan improvement exercises as per their needs.This aides in characterising mobile application advancement criteria for viable assessment of versatile undertakings to an expansive degree.

2) Two method IT approach

Adopting a dual IT approach, that coordinates both development and agility to deploy and develop applications all the more effectively, can go far. It makes a deft API layer, that likewise improves the way toward interfacing versatile applications with various sorts of information sources.

3) Rapid mobile application development tools(RMAD):

Numerous methodologies like intuitive code less apparatuses, display driven improvement, organisation, code age, virtualisation and so forth can be utilised viably for quick advancement of mobile applications. These assistances automate certain parts of coding, which spares time as well as improves the entire procedure of development, making it less troublesome for even individuals with less programming aptitudes to create versatile applications and alter them.

4) Mixed sourcing

Outsourcing work to some individuals who can help with certain complex aspects of development can help a great deal by reducing load from developers and helping them focus on priority applications which bring greater business to the company. Distributing work and getting work done by third parties can help in easier organisation and deployment of quality product.

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