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Is Onion Good For Eyes

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February 20, 2018

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While being health conscious, we actually miss some important questions about health. Such as, which foods damage our stomach, which causes eye damages, for which food we get ill day by day, which are good for our health and many more. Today we are here to talk about one of the most significant questions is- is onion good for eyes?

So we are going to start with a little introduction of onion and what it provides to our body. Onion provides flavor to food. Not only that, it contains essential nutrients and health-promoting phytochemicals, which good for our body. It also contains high vitamin C and dietary fiber and folic acid. It also provides iron and has a high protein quality. It contains low sodium, and there is no fat in it.

Onion contains quercetin and a flavonoid. Flavonoid is a compound of antioxidants which helps to delay or protract the oxidative damage to our cells and tissues in our body. Now we are vogue to talk about is onion good for our eyes like as our body or not.

Is onion good for eyes?

Onion contains rich sulfur, which is good for our eye lenses. It is an important production of glutathione. Which is a significant sulfur bearing protein. These sulfur containing protein plays a role of antioxidant for the lenses of our eyes. From some research, we found that foods rich in sulfur protect the lenses of our eyes from cataract constitution.

Juicy onions are one of those foods that improve our eye health. Eating raw onions prevent the constitution of cataracts and improve the lenses health. Here the red onions are in particular that can help to prevent poor eyesight because they contain quercetin.this is an antioxidant that also prevents cataracts.

So creating a won’t of eating onion is very helpful for our eyesight. Many people tend to avoid using onion in their food because of the sulfur gas, which causes tears in our eyes and that is unbearable. But the onions are good for our eyes.

So we indeed hope now that you guys know that how the onions are good for our eyes and we hope that this article will help you to know that onions work like an eye doctor to prevent some eye diseases and keep our eye lenses healthy as well. So let us make a won’t of eating onions in salads and foods, especially the raw onions and the red ones.

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