Politician Sajad Lone Is The Reason Why Youngsters In J&K Are Still Hopeful

Posted by Burhan Khan in Kashmir, News, Specials
February 26, 2018

Amidst recent controversies over job recruitments in various government departments in Jammu & Kashmir where alleged nepotism, despondency, and cynicism were in the parlance, there were examples of truth and fair-play too. Such instances raise the confidence of youngsters who look up to the system with hope.

Sajad Lone, the senior minister in the coalition government, who was previously hinted as part of these controversies by various self-proclaimed journalists and commentators from opposition party lines, is reportedly setting benchmarks of probity and fairness by not coming under pressure from anyone including his close party associates.

However, while going through various previous recruitments in the Ministry of Social Welfare under him, or the recently published list of Health & Nutrition Mobiliser in the Integrated Child Development Service, transparency, and justice to job aspirants, becomes evident.

“I come from a humble background without any political affiliation, and today my selection has come as a surprise to me”, said one of the successful candidates in the Health & Nutrition Mobiliser list of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS).

Another candidate who was sure of his rejection due to his family’s political inclinations says, “although being a meritorious candidate I was sure of my rejection as my family voted for the party, not in power but today everyone in my family is surprised. My selection supersedes my wildest expectations” he says, adding, “I am sure of the success for hardworking candidates till the system works under the honest and dedicated leadership and my selection is proof of that.”

A senior officer responsible for such recruitments in the social welfare department has confirmed complete transparency and autonomy in the selection of deserving candidates. In fact, candidates such as the daughter of Mr Ashiq Hussain Sheikh who is the constituency head of Sajad Lone’s party in Handwara has been unsuccessful to make it to the final list. Other candidates such as the wife of Mr Waseem Bandey, a close associate of the minister or son of Mr Abdul Gani Lones from Harai Village who is a relative of the minister, have also not managed to make a mark.