Is Tharoor fulfilling his political Dharma?

Posted by Radhika Tiwari
February 17, 2018

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Shashi Tharoor’s latest book ‘Why I am a Hindu’ was launched in a cosy auditorium of Teen Murti Bhavan recently. The author and Congress MP- Shashi Tharoor who is popularly hailed across the nation for his strong jibes at British Raj and its misdeed in India, kicked off the evening with a brief explanation of his beliefs as a practising Hindu. It was followed by an insightful conversation with TV anchor Rajdeep Sardesai and politician Karan Singh.

Tharoor, while criticising the current government for propagating a poorly constructed and biased form of Hinduism in the country said that there is a fine line dividing tolerance and acceptance.’Hinduism is about acceptance. It does not only focuses on tolerance but also on acceptance of other’s values and beliefs as equal to its own.’ He added that those who have genuinely read and understood the Vivekanand’s teachings of Hinduism would never aim at dividing the country on the basis of religion.

Rajdeep Sardesai wittingly questioned Tharoor if the book is Congress’ attempt at reclaiming Hinduism or painting the idea of Nehru secularism. Karan Singh, a philanthropist and practising Hindu, claiming that Congress has never shied away from Hinduism said, ‘Nehru has written a great deal about Hinduism in Discovery of India. Maybe it was the partition and the horror following it that prevented Nehru from voicing his opinions on the topic aloud.’ He also emphasised the importance of practising the rituals of visiting temples and performing pujas.

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