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Is Your Pride Enough?

Posted by Megha Sharma in LGBTQ
February 19, 2018

It’s the actual sensitivity towards the cause which counts, not a bunch of colourful people jumping on the popular bandwagon of social media. Yes, I am talking about the Pride March which happened in my city recently.

As I woke up to a heap of “going” notifications on Facebook, and a timeline full of pictures of people joining in the event, it felt a little weird. Now, these are all the people who weren’t even particularly aware about the Section 377 which criminalizes sexual activities “against the order of nature”. The whole concept of this march is in the rebellion of the old law and taking pride in your sexuality and the choice to love which I believe is human and beautiful.  So why will they mark up themselves to be the part of this social liberation act on a weekend? Was it just a cool thing to do, to confirm the conformity? Were you bored? Was it important to you? Because your ignorance and lack of effort to help the community scream otherwise.

As I was talking to a friend on the phone, I asked him about his plan for Sunday. He said, “I might go for the Pride march tomorrow if nothing works out. It’s chill and stuff but I don’t really know what will I wear.” Now that kind of apathy and ignorance is infuriating to an aware mind. That made me wonder if all the people which we observe at large think likewise. In which case, I dread the whole failure of the purpose of such liberating marches. I fear the stream of colour to be the intensities of ignorance in shades.

With respect to the LGBTQ community and free love, I appreciate the support observed in the small to big cities in India and worldwide. I am sure these efforts will lead to the eradication of apathy among the orthodox and the stringent minds of law, but at the same time I would appreciate sensitivity and actual contribution towards making the lives of these LGBTQ people easier on a human level, which is free of discriminatory law, or your mom not letting  you go for the Pride march.

One helping hand will weigh higher than a hundred Pride marches.