Tough Situations Come And Go, All You Need To Do Is Stick To Your Instincts

Posted by navvi in My Story
February 6, 2018

This is a story of an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life – of a girl who is now a married woman and is trying to make everyone in her family, including her husband, happy. This is my story. Life was a merry go round before marriage and I thought it would be the same, but life does end up proving you wrong.

In the first six months of our marriage, my husband and I were thrown out by my in-laws, with no money in our hands. The reason for this was that my husband was taking a stand against his parents and was protecting me from their nuisance. His father also filed a police complaint against him, threatened to beat him up and even kill him. With the help of a few relatives and friends we thought of starting our life afresh. I was still in a state of shock. It was difficult for me to see that people could actually be like the way they are depicted in Hindi serials and movies.

Their marriage was put to a test so early in the relationship at a time when specially in an arranged marriage, one is still trying to understand the other person. But even though this test seemed difficult, we were both ready to face any and every situation. However, it is always easier said than done. To survive, one needs money. And when one doesn’t have a job all of a sudden since one managed their father’s business, landing a job without any experience is pretty difficult.

Education is the key to success and we know how important education is. But, we can only realise its importance when there is nothing but education to help you out. It was my husband’s education as a CA that got him a job and my qualifications as a teacher helped to earn our daily bread and butter without any stress.

How Navvi Originated

It all started by gathering few products from here and there and selling it on e-commerce market places. When we started getting sales and were appreciated for our work, our ideas and products, we decided to start something of our own. As everyone says, when you have lost everything including your basic necessities, you don’t have the fear of losing anything.

It’s always important to do your homework before you step into anything new. We did our online research, attended offline flea markets, exhibitions and even did offline research. With some of our skills, and the urge to grow made us find Navvi is like a baby, who is at it’s infant stage and whom we see growing with each passing day. Since we’re new to this trade we are always open for suggestions, feedback and comments. We, at Navvi, describe ourselves as modern outfitters. We curate vendors from all over the country to give you the best shopping experience possible.

Together we take care of sales, vendor management, catalogues, products, marketing and operations. We support “Make in India”, therefore we try to find hidden Indian gems and bring them together on one platform. Our objective is not only to earn money, but also to learn something new from each of our customers/vendors. We want the shopping experience to be seamless for our customers.

What Keeps Us Going?

As a couple, we encouraged each other to break those mental shackles and questions. The only thing which kept us going, and is still keeping us strong together, was not to blindly accept what society tells us.

We believe in prioritising kindness, respect and love in relationships. Giving each other space, trusting each other with closed eyes, taking decisions together, and chasing common ones – these are what keep us strong.