Posted by Samim Akter Ahamed
February 18, 2018

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The tradition of joint family has been ingrained in the Indian society,over the ages.The spirit of living together with a feeling of oneness and empathy,is deep rooted in our culture.For centuries Indian culture is known for the rich values of responsibility,reverence towards their elders,strong morals and sacrifices for others. Our tradition,is a legacy of our ancestors,as something which is bestowed on us from the rich literature like The Ramayana and The Mahabharata which vividly portrays the duties and responsibilities of a son,a father,a husband towards his family.

There are a plethora of privileges and positive impacts that an individual enjoys while living in a joint family.Firstly the members share a strong emotional bonding among themselves.They feel happy together, and share quality and memorable moments which are just priceless.Together and united,many tough crisis are solved in a wink of an eye.Individuals at times of hardships seeks guidance from their elders.They also get a lot mental support from their family members to endeavor even their hardest goals.In a joint family a person feels complete and there no scope for boredom.There is less risk of psychological disorder.The children and the teenagers under the umbrella of love and care of their grandparents,parents ,uncles and other elders grows up into a responsible citizens with strong moral values and humanenss.

Sadly the tradition of joint family today in India is at a rapid waning.Due to our propensity to irrationally trying to ape the western culture and because of financial compulsions, we are heeding towards nuclear family systems.People are migrating to cities to seek employment and education and ultimately settles there.

Not withstanding the merits of joint family,the new trend of nuclear family system holds its own share of merits which cannot be ignored completely.In a nuclear family there is no scope of petty squabbles and discords.In a joint family there is more scope for clashes between personalities,dreams and aspirations.People living as nuclear family are much more broad and open in their outlook.The barriers of caste and religion has crumbled.People become much more enterprising and independent.Many business and enterprises has flourished and leaders with rural background has emerged in cities.

Thus although there has been loss of emotional bonding among the family members and problems like feeling of depression and psychological issues do occur,nuclear family is a boon for a developing country like India.People should encourage emotional bonding by trying to keep in touch with their near and dear ones and meet in holidays Today with so advance communication facilities its not a hurdle to stay in touch.


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