#JusticeForHasini: Mahila Court In Chennai Sentences Rapist To Death

Posted by Vijay Srinivas in Gender-Based Violence, Society
February 20, 2018

The Mahila Court in Chengalpet, Chennai, convicted Dhasvanth, who had brutally raped and murdered a 7-year old child, Hasini. He was given the death penalty on Monday (February 19, 2018).

The incident reportedly took place during the month of February last year when the techie used a puppy to lure the little child, taking her to his home, raping, murdering and then burning her.

After the examination of 19 strong pieces of evidence, the court pronounced Dhasvanth guilty over criminal charges under various sections: Section 363 (kidnapping), Section 366 (kidnapping, abduction), Section 354B (assault or use of criminal force on a woman with the intent to disrobe), Section 302 (murder) and Section 201 (causing the disappearance of evidence) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). He was also found guilty under Section 8 read with Sections 7, 6 and 5(m) of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act (punishment for aggravated sexual assault).

Hasini’s father welcomed the verdict. He could not control himself from crying and kissing his child’s photo in mobile.

Speaking to the media, he said“I know that my child will not come back but I will say thanks to the judiciary. I hope nobody does something like this ever again.”

This particular case had seen a lot of twists and turns in the last couple of months.

1. The police arrested Dhasvanth when Hasini, who went missing from her home in Mugalivakkam on February 5, 2017, was killed.

2. Though he was arrested, the trial began only in the month of October. Dhasvanth later confessed to the crime of killing the child and was reprimanded by the court.

3. Another key development in this case came when the techie allegedly killed his mother on December 2, 2017 in Kundrathur and absconded with her jewelry.

4. He was later arrested in Mumbai where he escaped from the cops’ clutches. He was then re-arrested and brought back to Tamil Nadu.

5. He also confessed that he had killed his mother and had also planned to kill his father Sekhar, who had consistently given him legal aid till then.

This particular case had received widespread attention across the nation for its similarity to the Delhi gang rape case of 2012.

Yesterday, the people hailed Justice Velumurugan for this important and just verdict on the Hasini murder case.

The truth is honoured – and Hasini is India’s daughter indeed.


Featured image source: Drzahir Hussain/Facebook