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Kerala, a holistic pilgrim centre of architectural wonders

Posted by muhammed rashid
February 26, 2018

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Kerala is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations to the south with a number of different attracting elements like the cultural heritage of the state, the beauty of the hill stations and vegetative destinations, the art forms and much more. Apart from all these the pilgrim centres are one of the most visited attractions in the land. This is mainly because they are constructed in special architectural structures making it a tourist destination for the foreign travellers. Kerala being a land of rich history houses a number of unique and fascinating pilgrim centres with ancient architectural structures which attracts the travellers from around the world. Most of the pilgrim centres in the land are explored and visited by domestic travellers to show their devotion towards the idols or to seek blessings. With pilgrimage tourism trending greatly, the Kerala travel and tourism department with the help of travel operators like Seasonzindia have come up with a number of new projects and tour packages which would include a number of well-known pilgrim centres as the main attractions. The main aim of these packages is to allow the foreign pilgrim tourist to explore the temples and churches in Kerala which holds in the rich tradition and heritage of the land. Some of the best pilgrim centres in Kerala which is a must visit for the pilgrim travellers visiting the land are listed below.

Guruvayoor temple, the Dwaraka of the South

One of the five well-known Krishna temples in the country, the Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple is mostly known as the “Bhuloka Vaikunta”. People mostly visit this fascinating pilgrim destination just to enjoy the holy bliss. Located in Thrissur set amidst the coconut palms one can see the true nature and beauty of the state by travelling to this temple. Visited by thousands of Hindu devotees the temple is mostly known as the Dwaraka of the South and is among one of the most visited pilgrim centres in India. Guruvayoor temple is well connected with roadways and railways making it easier for the devotees to reach the temple. One of the main attractions of the temple is the architectural beauty of the temple which exhibits the tradition of Kerala to a greater extent. There are a number of other attractions which one could explore while visiting the temple like Mammiyoor Temple, Punnathur Kotta Elephant sanctuary and more. Thousands of Hindu devotees from all around the world visit this fascinating pilgrim centre annually to seek blessings from the lord.

St.Mary’s Forane Church, a Christian pilgrim with ancient inscription

Kerala is not a land which is just known for the presence of a number of fascinating Hindu pilgrim centres. The land also houses a number of sacred churches which attracts travellers and pilgrims to the land. One of the main attractions of the Christian pilgrim centres in Kerala is that most of them are open for travellers from any cast and creeds. The St. Mary’s Forane Church at Kuravilangad in Kottayam is one of the best Christian pilgrim centres one should visit while exploring the city. Build in 355 AD the church houses a magnificent statue of Virgin Mary which is carved from granite that venerates the church. One of the main attractions of this old church is an old bell with ancient unknown inscriptions in it. Pilgrims visiting the church offer coconut oil to show their devotion. The oil offered is mostly used to light the lamp which is set at the church. The church also houses a model of the ship made of wood which acts as one of the main attraction of this holy place.

Mahadeva Temple, an architectural marvel

Located at one of the best backwater destination Alleppey, the Mahadeva Temple is one of the oldest which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Even though the temple is known by the name “Mahadeva” it houses 2 main deities. Apart from Lord Shiva goddess, Parvathi is also worshipped with equal importance in the temple. This well-known Shiva temple is known among the pilgrims for its Thripoothu Arattu which is a temple festival that is related to the menstruation ceremony. It is mainly this temple festival that makes Mahadeva Temple unique and different from other temples. As a traditional ceremony, the images of both Lord Shiva and Parvathi are carried to on decorated elephants in a procession to the river Pamba. The festival is celebrated for a minimum of 28 days during the month of January and December.  Apart from the festivals, the temple is known among the travellers for its mural paintings and artworks. As a matter of fact, most of the travellers and pilgrims visiting the temples and churches of Kerala aim at enjoying the architectural marvel of the place. Apart from offering prayer the mandapams of the temple which includes the mukhamandapam have exquisite wooden carvings which fascinate the travellers visiting the place.

Apart from holiday tours and entertainment trips the people in India love to take religious pilgrim tours just to pay tribute to their deities. Devoutness is one of the most important and perennial parts of people from around the world especially for Indians as it is a part of the tradition. There are a number of religious destinations in India making it one of the best countries with a holistic environment. Most of the religious destinations in India attract a number of travellers with its breathtaking architectural beauty. Kerala would be the best choice for pilgrim travellers who wish to enjoy a holistic tour to the southernmost end of the country. In fact, the state houses a number of wealthy pilgrim centres and historical constructions which belong to different religions. Blessed with the beauty of history and the ancient architectural wonders the spiritual destinations in Kerala are mostly the best-known tourist destinations for the travellers from around the world. It is not just the beauty of the architecture but also of the nature that attracts travellers. Without a doubt, Kerala is one of the best getaways to the famous pilgrim destinations to the south.

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