I Don’t Want You To Come To This Horrible World: Letter For My Daughter

Posted by Kazmi Ila in Society, Specials
February 1, 2018

My daughter,

I don’t want you to come to this horrible world. I am not your enemy, but baby this world is not made of humans. I often wonder – does life exist on this planet? Are we really living or are we dead? I think we’re all dead, if we could ignore such a brutal crime done to an eight month old infant.

My baby, when you come into this world, you’ll probably expect beautiful things and you would imagine a world full of colours, but everything seems to be black and hollow here. Your soft skin, little fingers, red lips and beautiful eyes – who could not be amazed on seeing such innocence?

Your little dresses would be so heartwarming. You are a little angel, but you should stay somewhere in the clouds because this world is full of dead people. I know you’d probably hate me for not bringing you into this world or may even think that I don’t love you, but I do. I feel amazed at the thought of holding you in my arms. But I feel scared too, because this place won’t respect you, just because you are a girl.

I can’t hold you in my arms because you will be treated like a prey by these vultures who will always want to hunt for innocent souls like you.  You will be treated like an object at every stage of your life. You will be broken, you will be harassed. People and their lust will make you feel dirty every time. You will scream for help and they will tear your soul apart. They will want you to die everyday.

My daughter, I don’t want you to go through unbearable pain like other daughters of our society. People have turned into zombies and there is no humanity left. I won’t be able to live if I ever have to see you in pain, and I can’t expect the world to remember you. They will forget and the zombies who would have hurt you will roam free. I want you to be safe, so I don’t even want to give birth to you. This place is no longer a place for girls because these zombies even hunt babies, as age doesn’t matter to them. This society is dead and will remain so.