Looking forward to visiting India during the Monsoon? Read This to Find Out!

Posted by Sujain Thomas
February 23, 2018

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One of the dominant seasons in India is the monsoon. It occurs from June until September. During this season, there is very heavy rain and high temperatures. The country is quite large. Therefore, the monsoon is experienced differently in various parts of the country. However, a common characteristic is the constant, heavy downpour. With rain falling incessantly for days at a time, you may wonder if it is a good time to visit this country. Read on to find out.

Conditions brought about by the monsoon season

In India, the monsoon season is characterized by a combination of heavy rain and very high temperatures. As a result, there is a predominant fog and mist. These conditions can make it difficult to drive in the country. They definitely make it impossible to fly. Therefore, many tourists often avoid visiting the country during this time. However, there are some reasons why it is still a good time to visit the country.

Reasons why you can visit India during the monsoon

Despite the uncomfortable weather, the monsoon season in India can be a good time to visit the country. This is because of reasons such as:

  1. Nature blooms
  2. The attractions in the country are not crowded
  3. Travel is still possible as long as you’re prepared

Nature blooms

Thanks to the monsoon rains, the natural flora and fauna of this country blooms. The dry grasslands turn green due to new growth of grass. The forests and jungles of India become lush, animals look healthy and flowers open up. Water features such as lakes and waterfalls fill up to the brim. This makes it possible to fish, kayak, canoe and dive. These changes happen due to the monsoon and make the country attractive. For this reason, the monsoon can be a good season to visit India.

The attractions in the country are not crowded

As indicated at IndiaSomeday.com, tourists normally avoid visiting India in the monsoon season. That’s because of the uncomfortable weather. While they stay away, those who can brave the atmospheric conditions will find the country’s attractions uncrowded.

While tourist spots such as temples and shopping districts can be quite crowded during the high season, they are almost empty during the monsoon. This allows for uninterrupted appreciation of the country’s attractions. Low tourist numbers also result in lower travel rates around the country. As such, you can explore the country affordably. This is another reason why the monsoon can be a good travel season.

Travel is still possible as long as you’re prepared

Despite the heavy rain and humidity, you can still travel the country during the monsoon season. You can hire a 4×4 vehicle to traverse the muddy roads. You should bring along warm clothing and waterproof bags.

You should also carry medication to protect you from tropical diseases which come with the rains. Last but not least, you should have a positive attitude about the travel experience. With all these preparations, you can still visit India during the monsoon season and be satisfied.


The monsoon in India is a season which experiences extreme weather. There is very heavy rain and high temperatures. Despite this, it can be a good season for traveling to the country.



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