Lost Journalism

Posted by Hiteishi Jayswal
February 20, 2018


Congratulations after seven long decades of independence, we have finally raised our voices. But that’s not the end, our voices need Right Words and Right Platforms, and therefore it’s Time when Indian Media take charge as the FACE of the Biggest Democracy of the World.

There are 4 pillars of democracy:

1. Judiciary

2. Executive

3. Legislature

4. Media

This fourth pillar-Media, makes sure that there is transparency and ethical functioning in all other 3 systems.

Highest power has been vested to the citizens of India for country’s betterment, followed by media. Media has the power to question government, to make people aware of surroundings, to fight against injustice, to work for uplift of society and what not. The shocking fact is that this great power is either being misused or unutilized!

Media was developed to fight for citizens and their human rights. But, today news channels are fighting for the sake of TRP and huge profits. They just want to attract viewers and get highest TRP. Oftentimes, news channels manipulate news or just show partial news.

• Example, In 2015, Patidar riots in Gujarat, drew attention of entire country. In one of the riots in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the Patidar members attacked police stations and set them on fire which resulted in many injuries to many policemen. As a reaction, police force started beating them. And there comes the media… Media focused on how policemen ill-treated Patidar members. They showed how cruel our police department is! But they didn’t cover how many policemen were injured, severely injured. Everyone started blaming police department. Those policemen were on their duty and performing it. The fault was of Patidar members who were irresponsible citizens fighting for some stupid reservations even at the cost of our protectors. Was it really necessary to show news in this way? What if instead of police station your house was set on fire and instead of police it was you or your family member?

There are times when media gets obsessed with celebrities. They would do anything and everything to know who is dating or getting divorced or got pregnant. They will hunt down what Taimur and Yash played at a party. But hardly anyone will get to the roots of any scam or will show us hell situations of farmers or arm forces. They don’t show us how families of farmers or arm forces are managing to live. Even if any news channel shows us productive news, then it won’t get TRP or high number of viewers because we, the citizens, are more interested in knowing what Misha Kapoor is doing nowadays rather than knowing, would there be bright future of children of arm forces.

Even when serious crime news are shown, the victim is focused and disturbed by asking futile questions. For example, if there is any news on rape, then the victim is focused on main screen but the criminal is shown on side bars. And then the non sense debate of shouting and blaming what was girl wearing or doing at that time will start!!

Probably, every citizen currently knows about Priya Prakash Varrier but hardly 10% people would know about recent helicopter crash. Two Wing Commanders of the Indian Air Force were killed after a microlight helicopter crashed in Assam’s Majuli Island on 15th February, 2018. This crash was due to technical reasons. This shows how vulnerable our defense department is and it is very dangerous. This is where media is absent.

Moreover, only negative news are given importance by media. Positive ones are neglected. Media shows us just the negative side of society making people pessimist. They show crimes and bad deeds on screen and exaggerate one single bad thing which depletes society’s trust. Rather, they can even focus on positive side of society such as social helpers or innovators. However, even here we, the citizens, does not want to know about the development of society but we are more eager to know who is the winner of Big Boss.

Even in the newspapers, many times winning or losing of Indian cricket team becomes headlines. It’s good that we encourage them to play better for country. But headlines are just about cricket. If other Indian sports team wins any title then they are simply places in sports column.

Always remember that we, the citizens, have highest power to do best or worst for the country. It’s not just media. If the citizens start viewing real news then, that will encourage every media to show real and productive news. Or even, if all media altogether starts showing real news then citizens may initiate taking interest in development of country.