Me too

Posted by Hirak Sengupta
February 19, 2018

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Once , perhaps, (nowHonorable minister)  Mr. Arun jatley uttered very appropriate yet pervading words: “govt  files are not lost , they are allowed to be lost.”, in respect of 2g scam . I think this time the same thing has happened. “They ” were always   ” nirav” but active . We stuffer with another kicks and fall out of kick backs . Even a tiny niddle is not allowed to be stollen from the front the front door yet giant elephants were just vanished at the back door .

I had to appear one lok adalalat as I ” did not pay” govt bsnl due. I showed my receipt of payment ment but the funny argument was that they did not have any record . I prefer not to argue but to pay the ” due” which they hinted “to settle” for lesser amount . I poltily refused. My inner ” nirav” soul cried out !

Now I am quite accustomed and used to , arn’t you ! Only two classes in India : privileged and under privileged like you and me !!

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