Muslim Ostracism: A Political Agenda

Posted by Sonal Vyas
February 4, 2018

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Everyday when we read the news – what we come across – is the grotesque event of violence on religious grounds. Often we tend to ignore this considering it to be petty issues of “everyday life” in intolerant India, but we need to understand that small ripples are often the cause of oceanic storms. The incumbent political setup has aggravated this problem. We elected the PM because we thought he had the potential to bring “acche din” – in economic, social and financial sense. But his political party has used this position to draw tremendous advantage for securing their religious interests. Indian society has become very much intolerant, hypersensitive and intellectually poor. Devoid of logic, people in the country today often tend to get carried away by small incitements. One needs to understand WHY this happens. The answer to this why lies in the vulnerability towards which the youth is being pushed. Lack of better employment opportunities, theory-focussed education system, never-ending reservation policy and excessive moral policing has made the young generation frustrated, frustrated enough that debates and discussions on religion excite them and allow them the only way to use their pent up energy. This won’t lead India to be a free and progressive nation. The VOTE-BANK POLITICS needs to be replaced by politics based on affirmative actions for the youth. This BJP government which choses to ride on the ideology of HINDUTAVA will only exploit the Muslim community. It’s high time we realize that our “unity in diversity” is undergoing a serious threat.

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