Nurturing dreams of youth to make it into reality

February 4, 2018

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In our rural and semi urban areas it has been seen that the students are in dilemma what to do after 10th and 12th standard in academics. Those who are not good in academics feel that nothing can go as per their own choices in future. In our survey we have analyzed that 53% student of rural areas are mainly aware about teaching and clerical job options and 91% rural students(Bikiran Foundation  did survey with more than 500 students in Birbhum district of West Bengal) never got any opportunity to participate in career development program. We have also observed in our society that people are obsessive about the students who do well in academics.  Everywhere we can see the people are appreciating them but what about the rest of the students who are the back benchers and represent the larger population of the country. If we cannot help them to lead a productive life then country cannot grow in aspects of the entire development paradigm. In our underprivileged community the youths could not understand what are courses it may technical and non technical suited for them, where and how they can get admission in the institutions across the country or globe. And what are the scholarships will address the financial inability to pursue the courses.  Parents also could not understand how to guide and develop competencies of their kids at home to pursue best livelihood opportunity. “We want to address all such problems of the students that are making difficulties the youth to pursue the right career options in stepping stones of the nation building” said Tapas Chakrabarti, founder of Bikiran Foundation. Mr. Tapas Chakrabarti is a former student of Visva-Bharati University and a Gandhi Fellow. He has started the organization along with his friend Srimonta, to work with the youths to nurture the dreams to make it into reality. Through their endeavor they have conducted Bikiran Career Mitra Workshop (a program of Bikiran Foundation ) with 500 students in 6 Govt. sponsored schools in Birbhum district  of West Bengal till date.  Bikiran Career Mitra program is focusing on to form a Career Mitra Cell in all the govt. and non Govt. schools. The career cell will be consisting a member of seniors’ students, established alumni and teachers of the respective school only. The cell is empowered by the interventions in self assessment process of the students in career choices, scholarship guidance to get it achieved, career accessible library, internship facility to know the interested courses in details, empowering parents in the process and promotes generation skills converting into enterprising ideas. So, the youths will get one window services in respect of the unit. During the workshop such feedback have come from the students-“ Marks cannot define our career “, “ Every profession is important in the society, we need to furnish it for better representation”, “ Career must be such a way that will work for the social good also”.

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