Open letter to my son !

Posted by Shweta Mehrotra
February 27, 2018

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Its February 2018 n u have turned 9 already, sensible enough to sense with your conscious difference between synthetic and real.

My dear son you grew up in a country, where majority speaks language of religion n culture louder then it means in actual. Poverty, economic discrepancy, female feticide, child marriage, gender inequality, and medical facilities reach out challenges n many more such topics are still part of text books rather then a house hold issues.

Whenever we have travelled abroad n seen places which are serene and maintained by country citizen and government together, U always questioned me mummyyyyy (extended sound)

Why can’t we also get equally disciplined, towards our country?

Isn’t cleanness is our god mother?

What I loved the most about your question? Was the fact, that u were ready to take charge of your own behavior along keeping a faith,on your zeal to make things better by asking others to join you, but because of your sweet innocence, not ready to waste time in blaming government or corruption.

I also remember you seeing a lady technician, operating a crane at Chicago, made u question me 100 things, trying to understand why u don’t see such examples commonly, in your country and even knocked a plan of asking Laxmi and Suma aunty (our support staff ) their set of carrier interest areas.

Parth your mom had given enough emotions n time since her childhood to understand from her family and society, that why we devote so much time, money and efforts to matters like religion or any culture /social norms, which majority times might not be a reality and unfortunately leaving behind many other actual disciplines, which speaks louder, making us feel there existence and need.

I am confident enough my son, that you will do fine on your text knowledge, but always remember to stand strong in any given situation with your belief and learned principles, because its not easy to live and practice with discipline without sacrificing your belief.
On every phase of life, whenever you will take any efforts and decision for your friends, family or society which is selfless never going to be easy, will be out of your comfort zone.

Many situations will come, where you will be looking for a society approval, but always remember all the consequences of your action have to be faced by you, not by anyone else, so focus and listen to your inner voice, believe on your life learned principles, don’t worry for the rest that will come. 😊

I and your father together, work very hard, so that we can give you and many other kids an equal place to live and breathe. Place where there is less pressure to prove to others, then to your own self, where equality is not asked?

# I want you to remember, that pink color doesn’t make boys or men look weak or silly.

# I want you to remember crying is all fine for boys/men as they too carry emotions. Btw your dad is much more emotional then your mom 😊

# Want you to remember gender equality is all human rights, don’t let any ONE ask for it.

My dearest Son being unique and selfless is a human nature, never ever stop yourself for being human if not more.

Loads of Love


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