padman : story of love beyond words

Posted by himanshi gupta
February 17, 2018

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Padman is in hit conversations nowadays due to its story line and concept on which it is based on – menstrual hygiene.

Women in India are deprived of having an access to even clean drinking water ,then to have access to such costly sanitary pad is a myth. But I would like to draw the attention on completely different angle of the story which is respect and love for a woman.

Padman or Laxmikant Chauhan in the movie has evolved his invention out of care and love for his wife. The area where to talk about menstrual hygiene or menstrual cycles is considered immoral,there this kind of respect and love for a woman is again a question to think upon. The real life PADMAN -Arunachalam Muruganantham has not only shown a way to make a cheap cost sanitary pads but also has won hearts and has set husband goals for the rest of the world.

Akshay Kumar in the movie has given justice to the real character Arunachalam. It is very unlike to have real men in country like India where rapes and molestation cases are usual now.  Very few men adore their wife so much that they invent something like this or do the best they could to make their wife smile and feel loved every time.

This level of respect, love and care is the right of every female existing on this planet not only for the sake of saying but also, these all provides her the security of her dignity and personal relations and she can be more economically strong and productive. I am overwhelmed to watch such great movie and to have such great real padman to be a part of my country.

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