Enough With The Theories About Sridevi’s Death!

Posted by Arunchandra c in Society
February 27, 2018

For a film buff,  it’s shocking to hear that a celebrity you loved to watch on the big screen has passed away, especially when the celebrity is someone who was, until very recently, still alive and kicking.

The latest in the list is Sridevi, whose death in a hotel room in Dubai has turned out to be another reason for speculation and rumours. The original hoax started on a twitter feed, with a WhatsApp forward on theories questioning the nature of her death.

There have been many celebrities who have been declared dead through odd and memorable hoaxes.

The Dubai authorities requested for a post-mortem before handing over the dead body to the relatives, which is the usual procedure followed there. But that didn’t stop Twitter rumour theorists from speculating about the possibility of it being a murder.

These are the same people who ‘kill’ living celebrities and also change the natural death of a celebrity to murder. A victim of one such hoax was Sylvester Stallone.

Social media has a way of spreading news like wildfire, especially when it comes to a celebrity’s untimely demise. Over the years, the Internet has helped fake death stories and death mystery theories go viral within a matter of hours, leaving the average person confused and shocked.

The sudden demise of Sridevi is a shock to friends, family and the entire film fraternity. She has been someone who had no medical issues and followed a healthy diet, but that doesn’t mean that people can speculate and start making theories about her death where there is no room for any doubt.

This has irked Ekta Kapoor, which forced her to come out against these rumour theorists on Twitter.

The Internet theorists seem to know better than Dubai police, the medical team, and the authorities. We don’t need a Crime Branch to investigate murders, we can call these people to write theories and conclude the investigation.

Every other celebrity has been a victim of such hoax stories. No one is safe from such rumours and theories, not even Jackie Chan.