Perspective… !!!

Posted by Mrinal Chatterjee
February 4, 2018

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While I’m writing this, I just don’t to what’s appropriate enough to do at this point, at this juncture. I know it’s not a great start to begin with but it happens with me. I’m simply taking my time, but it better be not a high time situation. I’m happy on on side, and then I’m in pain, seems like a lot of it. I’m living in the present, but lurking in my past errors, fallacies and anxious about my future. I’ve been trying to pen a fine thing, but I’m not able to reach that. Things seem piled up, every bit of emotion, bit of work, and conforming to anything seems difficult. Now, it’s like, if I become a machine, I study well, perform well, nothing hurts, no attachments and all, and I absolve, escape and move on, but in the backdrop when my conscience awakens itself to the human being, I’m like, what really I’m up to!!

I’m in love, I’m in hate, I’m jealous, I’m ignored, I’m judged and be so and I’m like licking every kind of emotion, stably unstable. Taking some time out for myself on any of these busy days helps a lot, I make peace with myself. Listening to music, nowadays my new found like for English song helps. Talking to parents brother, friends everything have a role, a static and dynamic, all-in-all.
In the morning when I get up, I seem to be Happy, having breakfast and surfing. A good day for me comes when I clean my room, study well and esp. when I pen down something fine. In my journey of being a doctor too, I’m just in the making. But as we interact, the way we communicate gets polished on the go. We are the harbingers of something big. It ain’t easy at any level to become a doctor. It takes away from you, your youth, the early adulthood, the precious time that you’d have shared with your family, friends. Things sway far far away from you.
It’s not like this profession’s not good. It’s one of the finest. But the drill is cumbersome, but at the end of the day, the hopeful outcome is all that is worthy and the thing is, it only comes with time.
This was my kind of burst out. We all have some kind, everyday esp. my peers. But in my case what I’ve observed is, giving a write, a deep thought helps me much more, talking with yourself, making peace with yourself helps much more than seeking anyone out for every bit of my hue and cry.

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