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February 9, 2018

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Lot of startups across the globe have been opening and India is no way behind in this entrepreneurial wave which has shook the world with a storm.Each one is hunting for angel investors, accelerator programs and government funding schemes and with one goal how make profits and be rich like many successful startups.

Among many of these there is one unique start-up and probably the only one in India which silently is taking the baby steps but has a very clear thought process in mind. The finally kicks off and as the spokesperson of the company and Activist Mr. Vineet states : “FASTTalks clear goal is PLANET before PROFITS, we are here to change the way people live by giving them insights on how they can impact the change and save their planet for future generations”.

Company’s business model is simple which evolves around sharing ideas online on their community platform : and offline thru simple talk shows in colleges, universities, community,on the street, in corporate, in a coffee show as story telling and above all thru their unique range of merchandise line.

Concepts which company represents are the two largest carbon foot print generators in the world — TOURISM and FASHION. FAST stands for Fashion activism and Sustainable tourism.  In the next article we will talk about their Activism Program which they claim to be the first of its kind in India and will be global change maker.

Some of the Issues thru their Fashion Activism is hitting are :Women Empowerment |Human Rights |Racism|Globalization| Sustainable Tourism | Save Our Rivers and many more.

The Below Pledge certificates reiterate their commitment for global change, a truly Profit for a Purpose company in India.


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