Reasons Why Mutual Funds Sahi Hai?

Posted by Rajveer khanna
February 21, 2018

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Most of the people find mutual funds intimidating and afraid of investing in them. They often have doubts like, “Will it be safe to invest in mutual funds”? Or, “Will I get my money back on time”?

However, all these doubts are only myths associated with mutual funds, which need to be busted.

Mutual funds are easy and most importantly, safe way of investing your hard-earned money in the market. You can choose reputed asset management of your choice and start investing without worry.

Now, when you have the basic understanding of mutual funds, let’s discuss some of the solid reasons to invest in mutual funds. These reasons are enough to prove why mutual funds sahi hai:

  1. Money doesn’t get locked

Your money in mutual funds doesn’t get locked for a long duration. It means you can redeem your investments at a time of needs. Your money grows to the extent you stay invested. Also, you can withdraw your investment partially or completely at any point in time.

Moreover, unlike other investment options, mutual funds come with low or even zero lock-in period, depending on the type of fund you select. While most of the funds don’t have a lock-in period, ELSS tax-saving mutual funds have a lock-in period of three years, which is low as compared to other investment options.

Name of the Instrument

Lock-in Period

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

15 Years 

Tax-Saver Bank Fixed Deposit

5 Years

ELSS Mutual Funds

3 Years

National Saving Certificate (NSC)

5 Years

    2. It is not 100% risky

While investing money, the risk is something that bothers most of the people. After all, it is your hard-earned money, and it’s fine to expect good returns at low risks.

When you invest in mutual funds, your money is handled by professional fund managers, and thus, it is in safe hands. As you invest in a wide range of securities with varying risks, it helps in lowering the risks associated with returns.

   3. Diversified Products

Mutual funds give investors a wide array of products as per their risk profile and investment goals. In addition to equity funds, there are monthly income plans, balanced funds, liquid funds and income funds to meet your different investment needs. 

   4. Apt to meet short-term and long-term goals

All of us have goals in lives. Some of them may be short-term like going on a foreign vacation four-month down the line or it can be long-term, like buying a house after five or six years. With mutual funds, you can invest your money in different funds as per the time-frame of your goals. There are some mutual funds which let you invest for a short term and thus, you can use them to create an emergency fund. For long-term goals, you can invest more in equities and grow your wealth in the long-run.

    5. Start investing with an amount as small as Rs 500

You don’t need a huge amount to start investing. Mutual funds suit every class of investors. The remarkable thing about mutual funds is that you can start investing with an amount as small as Rs 500. Once you have invested in mutual funds, you can gradually increase your investment as per your financial capacity. By starting early and investing regularly for a long-term, you can build a large corpus over the long-run.

    6. Choose from a variety of modes of investment

Mutual fund investors enjoy the flexibility in terms of modes of investments and withdrawal. Investors can choose different investment modes like systematic investment plan, lump-sum (one-time), systematic withdrawal plan, systematic transfer plan, etc; as per their investment needs.

You can also invest in growth funds of mutual funds as well if you want to benefit from compound returns over a long tenure. Similarly, invest in dividend option if you want to get regular income from your investments. There is hardly any investment product other than mutual funds in the market which offers a wide array of investment modes.

  1. Professionally Managed and Secured

There are financial advisors also which can help you choose the correct fund as per your requirements and thus, ease the way of investing in the market. Also, mutual funds in India are moderated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It is completely safe to invest in mutual funds due to their transparent and well-regulated structure.

Now we are sure that most of your doubts are cleared, and you agree that ‘mutual funds sahi hai’. So, without delay, choose a mutual fund in line with your goals and start investing.

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