Reclaiming The Night: When 650 Mumbaikars Ran A Night Marathon For Women’s Safety

Posted by Poornima Mandpe in Feminism
February 18, 2018

A thumping number of 650 Mumbaikars, majority of them young college students, stepped out at night and ran for the seven kilometer marathon run, #SheRiseWeRise to promote women’s safety and mobility in Mumbai. As put in by one of the runners, “The sight of so many men and women running at this hour for a noble cause is deeply empowering and a great source of inspiration.”

The unique Marathon which started at 10 pm was at Bharat Diamond Borouse, BKC. It was co-organized by Akshara Centre and UACTIV, and was supported by Gulf Oil India. The chairperson of the Maharashtra State Women’s Commission, Vijaya Rahatkar gave her unconditional support to the cause of women’s safety and mobility and flagged off the run along with the CEO of Gulf Oil India.

#SheRiseWeRise  indeed saw many supporters. Cindy’s Bootcamp got the whole crowd moving to warm up session. Post the run, the college students affiliated with Akshara traveled to Marine Drive for a night of activities. Expressing their views of women’s mobility and agency through colors under the 3am night sky, along with a dash of songs, dance of laughter, these young men and women successfully reclaimed Mumbai’s night. Here’s what they have to say-

Quotes From Boys

“I have done two marathons before and I have noticed how the runners in the male category have to run a longer distance than those in the female category. But, this marathon was different. It was as if all of us ran in unison, fighting for gender equality.”

 “I was very enthusiastic to run in this marathon… This shows that women can also run at night…I appreciate this movement and hope that is shines and continues…as a boy I feel that night is not safe for girls but this marathon encouraged me to do more for women empowerment.”

“Even being a boy I never got the opportunity to go out at night except areas near my home. So for me this was a first experience me. When I asked my father for permission, he asked me what it was for and when I told him that it was for women’s safety and for safety for all people. Then my father said that I should definitely go…”

Quotes From Girls

“I felt liberated… it was a very different experience… generally even my parents don’t allow me to go out but they support my freedom and liberty and so they allowed me. It has been an amazing experience for me.”

“On other days, I can’t think of stepping out of my house at this hour. I never knew the city could look this beautiful at 4 a.m. I am really grateful for this opportunity.”

“We want to tell the nation that not only men but women also have a right to be on the roads…We want to send this message that whether its day or night, girls can roam on the road at any time and roam safely.”