Aruna Reddy’s Bronze At The Gymnastics World Cup Compensated For Dipa Karmakar’s Loss

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February 26, 2018

The former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, H.N. Bahuguna had once expressed his concern over the country’s failure in securing medals at the Olympics. He said that if the traditional (Nat) acrobats were given the opportunity, they would bring in the medals. His saying has now been proved true by the gymnast Aruna Reddy who created history by winning a bronze medal for her performance at the ongoing Gymnastics World Cup. India had last won a medal in gymnastics eight years ago, when Ashish Kumar won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Where Dipa Karmakar once failed, Aruna Reddy has now succeeded. In 2016, at the Rio Olympics Karmakar missed the opportunity by finishing at the fourth position. However, her failure was complimented by another Telangana girl after a gap of two long years. What she dreamed of some time ago was restored by her average score of 13.649 for two vaults. Reddy, full of yearning fulfilled Karmakar’s dreams in 2018. The final thing she felt on the vault was her warm and confident breathing.

What was unique in shaping Aruna Reddy as a complete gymnast was her flexible body which her coach helped her use to her advantage. She hoped to become an expert in Karate, but she was destined to earn a name in Gymnastics. Meanwhile, Dipa Karmakar remained the first Indian to qualify for Rio Olympics.

Failing to achieve a place in the Commonwealth Games in 2010 owing to her age, Reddy tried to show her sporting calibre in 2014 Commonwealth Games. And in four years, she was able to win a medal for her consistent handwork. This success has ensured her inclusion into the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Her journey in the world of gymnastics has demonstrated her inherent desire to succeed. She won the first national medal in gymnastics in the year 2005. After that, she remained at the 14th place in the qualifying round of the 2014 Commonwealth games and finished at the 9th place in the Asian Games. During the year 2017 Asian Championship she was placed in the sixth spot.

Her recent success compensated for an exceptionally talented Karmakar’s bad luck. The 22-year-old gymnast put her best foot forward and became the first Indian ever to win a medal at the Gymnastics World Cup.