Share market: A Pure Gambling!

Posted by Krishna Singh
February 6, 2018

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Dow stock market has lost $1 trillion in value in the first five days of February.
BSE lost more than 2000 points in 4 trading sessions!
Who is losing? The big investors? Generally not. Its the small & middle investors, who hope to make big gains through “gambling”!
Finance capital or worse, fictitious capital, attracts your hard earned money & plunders. Stock exchange might have developed through Industrial Capital but now murders it! Do you know, the Indian industry is working at 70% of it’s capability, as there are no markets for the products, while the stock market is soaring!
Incidentally, the present government is sucking out every penny out of your pocket, further destroying the market’s capability to absorb the products!
Stop daydreaming and save your hard earned money!

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